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Fixing Reterement, Progressive Style!

There is a fundamental flaw in how the Government approaches retirement and, for that matter, just about everything it processes.  Its typical approach is to present a “Presumption of Cause.” This then becomes its means by which it affects a sort of self-endorsement or perceived legitimacy.  It’s purpose then become not the process of perfecting an environment but one whose desire is to simply further control it.   Then,  as we can see throughout the last 110 years of American History,  its ambitions  become unsustainable failures which then triggers its own summary resolution for addressing the problem it creates which is to simply camouflage the foul by executing further errors in judgment.  This is Progressive Government! You doubt this? The Federal Government is not sufficient proof? Then take a look at the State of California, the poster child for self-destructive gluttony.  No good enough?  Look at the History of Argentina, try the U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands or Mexico to name a few.  Progressive ideology’s legacy of success!

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Recourse for Failure?

“The passage of time records both action and consequence bearing witness to their frequent reoccurrence.”  That’s a twister worth playing with from time to time!  

An interesting event occurred this past Saturday, I was at my office working on transcripts of my journal entries when the phone rang.  The caller had managed to, as she put it, “…track me down…”, seems as though she wanted to see if it was possible to speak with a person who would “…write such a book!”  

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