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Cuba as seen past the Gruber-Method

Yes, Cuba today is a product of U.S. Intelligence and Policy blunders, the actions/inactions of which are similarly observed throughout the Middle-East.

Ninety miles off the southern coast of Florida remains a sufficient distance for concealing the truth about Cuba: continues to harbor Russian ships (can you image what they contain or transport?); caught smuggling 240 tons of weaponry to N. Korea (aren’t you curious to know where they came from?); harboring a cop-killer (Joanne Chesimard) and various terrorists or any of the 70 other U.S. fugitives the Administration’s own State Department reports that Cuba continues to harbor; or this dangerous and fanatical regimes human rights record and heavily sanctioned electoral process.

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Iran as seen past the Gruber-Method

A nation long bent on thermo-nuclear capability; a totalitarian theocracy ruled by a misanthropic penchant for distortion; defined by a term known as “threshold nuclear power” when in fact it’s well past “threshold” state; refined stock of material (undisclosed and miss-reported) requiring a mere 2-3 weeks for further refinement to fuel at least 1 (some reports suggest as many as 7) warhead(s); a direct regional threat that will require an absolute military response by the U.S. (Saudi Arabia defense agreement).

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The Gruber-Method; Full Emersion

When MIT brain trust and Obamacare engineer, Johnathan Gruber, spewed his “lack of transparency is a huge political advantage” and announced the value of “exploitation of the lack of…understanding of the American Voter…really, really critical” he not only exposed the core structure of the Presidents policy-doctrine more importantly he exposed governments full emersion into the realm of systemic indifference to the constitutional role of representative government.

Yes indeed Mr. Gruber, tyranny exists in a world where you can tell the people whatever you want just be certain you never speak of what they need to know!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Message to Arizona Voters

John McCain is going to run for another term, his sixth, as your U.S. Senator; please, for your own and fellow countrymen’s sake, send someone else to Washington! If you could talk her into it, former Governor, Jan Brewer, would be an excellent choice!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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Poison Kills: $80 Billion State Giveaways!

In an attempt to lure businesses to their territory States giveaway BILLIONS of dollars in inducements with hope for collateral return on their, sort of, investment. Whether in the form of grants, tax forgiveness/postponement, building fees/code waivers etc., the numbers are staggering. More importantly, as with the case of massive bond-issues for Pro-Team Stadiums, the revenues generated never compliment the huge monetary burden leaving the taxpayers with the bill.

Moreover, the entire scheme illustrates how the relationship between business concerns and the Public’s trust-in-the-hands of Government has become a perverse form of corporate welfare.

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