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Economic Picture

As Rahm Emanuel said; “never let a serious crisis go to waste”. It is often the distraction of a crisis that leads our attention away from something far more critical. In fact, one might often wonder if the entire scheme isn’t manufactured for that specific purpose.

Condensed version: Both the global economic and political climates (presently) are eerily similar to that of the late 1920’s; serious economic and international unrest that led to what we now think of as WWII. It should be interesting to note that it was the advent of WWII that ultimately served as the genesis of the U.S. and ultimately Europe and Japans economic recovery.

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Trump calls for Shutting-Down Muslim Entry into U.S.; Merchandising a Political Narrative?

The real problem is not with Trumps statement but with the failure to acknowledge and address a problem that has been known to exist for nearly 4 decades. Hezbollah, for example, goes back to Khomeini’s Islamist Regime’s Takeover of Iran circa 1979; thank you President Carter.

The U.S. has been unwilling to control its boarders, it has been unwilling to secure or even adequately tighten its “entry processes” and, far worse, the Administration has continued to refute the causal relationship between Terrorist Actions and their defining Ideology. So in what sense is Trumps pronouncement so extreme given the threat and the targets unwillingness to move from victim status to either the aggressor or, at the very least, an impregnable target?

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Turkey, Kurds & Crude Influences

Putin is trying to suggest that the Turkish Government is, by their purchasing of confiscated Iraqi Crude Oil, directly funding ISIS however, he’s neglecting to disclose Russia’s own involvement in the very same scam.

Pipelines carrying both Crude Oil & Natural Gas traverse the entire region with the key  lines (for this specific point), coursing their way ultimately into Turkey or thru Syria and on to their terminals on their Mediterranean coast (or in the case of Turkey, to their own refineries or their re-sale facilities which market energy stock to the E.U.). Do note that many of these pipelines originate in Syria, Iraq and Iran. The problem, for both Russia and Turkey, is that a pipeline out of Iraq (to Turkey) runs thru an area now fully controlled by the Kurds while the other, coming from Iran, is being threatened by both the Kurds and other Insurgent elements.

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Terror-Driven Jihad; Why Not Call it What it Is?

The simple truth is that militant activism, in order to appeal to and control the weakest of mind, requires the most narrowly defined message. Any challenge to that narrative defeats the militancy-attributes of the messenger and their ability to perfect and expand their control.

For the President to change his message would require surrendering control of his personal jihad and confess to his loss of it.  To appropriately address Terror-Driven Militancy a complete reversal of the current message will be necessary; one that will require a direct and explicit attack in direct contradiction to the driving force behind his (own) well-crafted, jihad narrative. I’ve no indications that any of this is about to happen; willingly.

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Domestic Terror; an Intelligence Problem?

Americans need to understand that no amount of Intelligence will defend against a willing threat targeting an unprotected target or a target unwilling to defend itself. Believing in the theory that surrendering individual liberties, freedoms and unalienable rights will be an adequate substitute for personal defense is equally specious.

The burden of true security rest solely on the individual, and by extension, a national collective of individuals; the American people watching-out for each other by being ever-vigilant in the defense of one another’s freedoms and liberties. Though one might expect the Government to litigate these on your behalf, never ever fall into the trap of believing they will defend or assert them.

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