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Turkey; Coup Attempt Major Problem for U.S. – First a bit of history

Turkey emerged in the early 1900’s from a severely weakened (by war) Ottoman Empire and with the emergence of its first President, Mustafa Kamal, of the newly establish Republic. Kamal’s vision was to bring Turkey out of the ashes of Ottoman control into a new era where Turkey mirrored the advancing economies of Europe and the U.S. Key democratic principles, as he proffered, would prohibit Church and Military rule.

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Nice; The Danger of Concealing Indecision

Why not tell the Public what you don’t want them to hear? Political-Ideologists are message- centered using the politicized bureaucracy (party hacks, media and social-economic discord) to manage and maintain their power. They are not strategic thinkers despite what you might think however, they are strategic opportunists.

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Ginsburg Comments Model Senior Courts Schism

Ms. Ginsburg’s position regarding the U.S. Constitution is well chronicled; in summary she posits the U.S. Constitution as grossly inadequate in depth and scope and far too deferential with respect to “sovereign rights” of the Individual (vis a vis the “Bill of Rights”). As to the communion of States the 10th Amendment is a far too restrictive covenant for a Justice who consistently articulates a view decidedly more meddlesome, liberal intimating an expansive domain where governance may more freely roam.

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Civil War; here’s your “Hope & Change!”

Subversion is the poison. The tool of the derelict mind that has, by their thinking, disenfranchised themselves. This mechanism of thought lies at the heart of the fascist mind of collectivist thought, predatory, divisive, narcissistic and decidedly contrary to the sovereign rights of the Individual; it’s neither “left” nor “right.” 

How poignant that the chaos occurring around the Country should come at a time of critical comparative relevance illustrating just how this “poison” has penetrated the system. I speak specifically to the manner in which Hillary Clinton is addressed. How distinctly different the Law is applies to the self-anointed elite in this Country and the subsequent fissure it creates.

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ON AIR with Host Andy Hooser of KQAM 1480

The Imperfect Messenger Foundations own Curtis Greco goes On-Point the Friday at 10Am(PT)/ 12Pm (CT) with Host Andy Hooser of 1480 KQAM in Wichita, Kansas. Andy will target a few of the Day’s HOT TOPICS so be sure and Tune-In your radio or catch the show streaming “Live” online at

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