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WikiLeaks & The Singularity of Reason

Gone is the faithful roll of “The Press” in America. A cabal of self-anointed demigods operating at the behest of a narrative, any narrative that favors their persisting as an extremity of a derelict power-base. Where the power of news is seen not in the clarity of fact, but in the ability to steer the public’s perception based solely on a well-crafted lie. Where accountability to truth/fact is based, like the Clintonesque regime of Political Hutzpah, upon the latest lie you’ve not yet been caught in. Even then, even when the lie is exposed, the power-structure steps in to subsume the truth into yet another fabrication and the scourge continues from there.

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ON AIR with Host Mark Wainwright of WYSR 106.9

Mark Wainwright of 106.9WYSR, Syracuse, NY anchors a top morning show and we’re always delighted to share-the-air with him. Curtis Greco will go On Point with Mark this Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM (EST) covering a few of the Day’s HOT TOPICS so be sure and Tune-In! Catch the show in-market or streaming “Live” online at   

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The End of Fiscal Discipline

September 30, 2016 marked the end of another Federal Government fiscal year and with it the Federal Debt jumped $1.3 Trillion; in a mere 12 months. Yes, it is true that Congress hasn’t managed to deliver the required Budget Resolution since 2009 and though President Obama is complicit in the failure he’s not entirely to blame; Congress, however, is.

Setting aside the Budget for the moment, understand the nearly 25% of annual Federal Government Spending is actually not even part of the Budget. From military expenditures for various foreign policy ventures to special funding vehicles for disasters and on to off-book “black-ops” spending to any number of scheduled or unscheduled handouts there seems to be no shortage of spending opportunities.

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ON AIR with Host Mike Miller of WIMA 1150

The Foundations Weekly On-Point Series continues with Host Mike Miller of 1150 WIMA in Lima, Ohio and Policy Analyst, Curtis Greco. This week features – “What Happened to the Debt Ceiling? Gone the way of reason.”  This vignette appears throughout the week during Michael’s 6-9Am (ET) Show. Ohio’s In-Tune & In-Touch Host, catch him Live in-market or online at

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