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U.S.: Pull the Plug!

Since his inauguration, the President and his Administration have faced a chronic level of collateral distractions; Russia, Syria, Iraq, China and N. Korea in addition to the “black” and meddlesome temptations of interests who hide behind the faces of politico such as Senators McCain, Graham and Schumer.

Few can deny that the cross-purpose fray of perpetual war has been quite profitable for these interests while the stripped-bare carcass of Middle-Class America proves with devastating clarity a universal rule which applies equally to the Individual as it does to Government: You can’t serve two masters.

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Middle-East-The Real War!

History is a powerful mouthpiece; regardless of the preferred version intended still, from the ashes of history the facts defiantly speak of the truth as it actually occurred. Regardless of what you may think or have been told, the President’s targeting of Syria can only be observed as a humanitarian action, but only for a time. The “time” will end the moment the U.S. becomes committed to further and more destructive actions.

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Russia: Imminent Response?

Putin understands that Russia’s economic future is tied to Oil & Gas. Regardless of all the labels applied to him, never forget Putin views himself as not only the Protector of the Russian Legacy, he is a Former KGB Officer who knows, quite well, the capabilities of U.S. & British Clandestine Operations.

Putin also knows that there is no Nuclear Option. The assurance of Mutual Destruction is a card Putin WILL NOT PLAY; he doesn’t need to as there are so many other alternatives he can employ that will have far more conspicuous and destructive effects. Asymmetrical responses have far more destructive capabilities producing psychological damage(s) that are far more lasting.

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Syria: An Emotional Response?

The carnage of war is clear evidence of the kind that painfully illustrates our most troubling weakness; open warfare on another Human. For a person of conscience viewing photo and video evidence of war casualties, some broken and blood-soaked gasping for life, some pinned wholly or partially under tons of rubble lifeless or spasming thru the last moments or the erratic or seemingly random portrait of body parts scattered about. This evenings attack, by the U.S., on the Syrian Air Base at Shayrat may be an emotional response to the bombings in Khan Sheikhoun (Idlib Province) and whoever is responsible should be held to account however, I believe there is a larger picture to consider:

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California: Sanctuary State Bill (SB54) Moves Forward

In a State where Legislative or Proposition initiatives rarely reconcile with any standard of reason or practicability, this Bill openly begs for a contest with the Feds.

By declaring itself a Sanctuary State, California is openly provoking a response from the Federal Government and Californians, were they to bother reading the text of the legislation, they would be appalled to find that many of the Bills asserted prohibitions are in direct conflict with both Federal and existing State laws.

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