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The Altered States of Outcome

Everyone has hopes and wishes, some passing fancies, some rise to the sincere while others fade with time; the remains are those you work for and bring to life thru pure effort and force of will. Then, on the other hand, there are those which take on an entirely different caricature illustrated with and accompanied by the attributes of expectancy, the notion of inevitability, of certainty, of entitlement. An entirely different level of anointed outcome and one which, at this moment as we consider the various smearing-by-innuendo taking place in Washington, has no intention of giving way its privilege.

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Comey-The Paralysis of Truth!

Setting aside for the moment that President Trump ignores the anemic and self-serving protocols of the predatory government bureaucracy and that his doing so allows the public to observe just how comprehensively corrupt the system is, the fact remains that regardless of which support-group one might favor it should be clear, by now, the Former FBI Director is the poster-child for the politically-corrupt second only to Messrs. McCain, Graham, Schiff and Schumer. A couple of key points, in no particular order, in support of my observation:

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