A Certain Future!

My first encounter with the Clintons dates all the way back to the days of Madison Guaranty, a failed Savings & Loan, and the Arkansas Redevelopment Agency;. It was clear then that this pair was an entirely new breed of miscreant; void of candor, integrity and shameless in their disregard for the public trust expected, by the public, of their elected officials.

Then, as now, their ability to overcome even the most basic in lapses of judgement to the most extreme is an avoidance of fate that no ordinary public official or private citizen would ever survive. Even more bizarre are the cases where people of normally sound judgement and intellectual capacity lose their powers of discernment notwithstanding the overwhelming body of facts; perhaps it’s a sort of Clinton Mystique-Induced Dementia.

It’s not just the Clinton-Mystique that should concern you, and perhaps even if you were to set aside their incredible legacy of abuse and supreme failures, you will never be able to liquidate the fundamental changes they’ve now fused into the National Identity of this Nation. The near endless web of depravity so much so and so homogenous that there is no part of the National Order that stands unaffected.

The key to their rise and expansion of their abusive power-base is simply because they infect and induce complicity. They tear down the barriers of native prohibition by demeaning those very prohibitions with their caustic nature which forces most people to take cover. Then, absent objection, their support grows simply because those that would otherwise be repelled by their action choose instead to remain silent for fear their complicity or ignorance risks exposure. When one surrenders their integrity to the fashion of accommodation or endorses deviant practices in favor of fashionable relevance, there is no longer a standard upon which one might measure the limits of depravity.

So, here we are, a Nation faced with numerous internal and external crises with many questioning how it all happened, others taking the submissive posture of subjugation, a few simply choose to totally disengage with the remainder taking residence with an alternate force. If one were to think about it, it’s possible to find this all quite a holistically peculiar condition. One where we all share a common future and yet remain committed to remaining disparate as to the only survivable option. One that is based on what’s common to all and yet, in political terms, unfortunately, it is most definitely not a political solution, but one based on the inviolable link we have to one another. Unfortunately, the Clintonian-Induced-Dementia-Disorder-of-things seems to stand in the way while the appropriate course of action waits for our powers of discernment to return.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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