Back-Fill & Flooding – The Syrian Effect

Sanctions are nothing more than a teaser; buying time while other opportunities develop. The E.U. is economically unstable; the only basket of capacity being Germany, it too has energy concerns and a public that is strongly pitched against tangling with Russia.

Solution for the Western Financiers? Simple; find a cheap and readily available energy source to replace Russian LNG & Crude. Where? Even easier! Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are flush with it and the pipeline from the E.U. lies in wait (in Turkey).  Who/what stands in the way? Syria; allied with Russia.

The blow-back for Russia’s taking of Crimea will be their surrendering of Syria; it is well known the U.S. military resources are prepositioned so there should be no doubt that a strike is inevitable. Back-filling or flooding the E.U. with cheap energy will sap Russia of much needed western currency, a loss it cannot replace, or can its economy survive without?  At some point desperation will cede to desperate action.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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