Barclays Sells Vault to Chinese Bank – Dispersing Concealment

It’s clear that a major economic upheaval is coming. Global debt is soaring while major economies are non-responsive and recently, celebrated by the IMF’s recent inclusion of the Chinese Yuan to its list of Reserve Currencies, the global banking cabal has moved  within one final step of possessing complete control of the planets so-called global financial order despite the obvious fact that its scheme is proving to be nothing more than an predatory enterprise.

London Bullion Market has long been the precious metal trading capital with HSBC being its key conduit. While many Banks/Financial Institutions claim they are “moving away” from precious metals it is more likely the case that they are merely repositioning their interest in preparation for what is most likely the next phase of globalization. Consolidation of currencies is the most logical next-step as it is the most practical tool for vaporizing Debt estimated in Trillions of Dollars.

China’s manufactured economy in conjunction with their fast and loose financial system is a perfect cover for consuming massive quantities of Debt particularly given that the Yuan is tightly controlled (in dollar denominated terms) and never to approach market-direct valuation. Having seen this method used several times in the past and its application in the current environment, drastically enhanced with the advent of electronic trading routines, various Derivative-like instruments and the Shadow Banking Entities operating outside the view of government oversight, the simple manipulation of a Single Currency Value combined with the manipulation of Gold or Silver prices and you can quite easily wipe out mountains of Debt with little to no contest.

Public blow-back is easily managed as well. They’re simply force-fed a carefully crafted message, something along the lines that their adaptation to this new form of economic depravity is the only way out of a problem whose creation they’ve had nothing to do with. The fact that nary a paragraph of this events occurrence (the Chinese Bank’s purchase of the London Vault) has been deemed news worthy makes me all the more certain this event is most certainly a coming attraction.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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