Broken Mirror Politics

Election Fatigue Syndrome (“EFS”) has effectively metastasized at the cellular level of the Body Politic.  The Inveterate Media has once again proven to be an incredibly affective delivery system.  The droll, feeble minded masses have,  in drone-like obedience, accepted the elixir and having (soon) executed the will of their favorite Peddler, will return to their favorite pastime!  Peanuts, Beer? Anyone?

Oh and lest we forget,  there will be an October Surprise, only it will likely occur in September!   Get ready,  I will tell you now,  the October Surprise will be a September Delivery and it will be “The Economy”!   No,  for the benefit of a dear and trusted Friend whom I spar with on a regular basis,  it will not be a military move on Iran.   At least not by the U.S.  By the way,  if a move on Iran is made,  it will be Israel who strikes the first blow and if they do,  it will be surgical.   I believe that what you will see is an Economic Battle that is waged by the U.S. and/or Western Banking/Financial Interests.   All out war,  because of Media Exposure,  has become to conspicuous.    No,  the battle over Iran and the growing unmanageability of Mother Russia (from a Western Influence perspective) will be handled by manipulating Oil.  More specifically,  the price of a barrel of Crude.  I fully expect to see Crude Oil by years end, trading in the sub-$70 a barrel range!

I know,  seems unbelievable,  you know,  the scarcity of oil reserves/supplies and the growing demand of oil by the Chinese!  Well that’s what they say and you know,  “they” are always right!   By the way,  did you hear about “Global Warming”?  Alfonse Goreleoni (my pet name for Al Gore!!)  says we’re in big trouble and that the Sea Levels are rising,  the Polar Icecap is melting and our “Carbon Footprint” is out of control!  By the way,  Alfonse is a key player in the system that arbitrates the market for the newly crafted concept of “Carbon Credits”.  You got a love Capitalism!  A system that accommodates even the most bizarre and creatively malevolent schemes imaginable. One can sell Ice to Eskimos harvested from a floating “ice shelf” occupied by the very same Eskimos and convince them to do so by insisting that not only are they running out of Ice but that Scientists have,  scientifically,  proven that they are pretty sure that the cause of the event is that there are just to many people drinking water!

I know,  you may be reading this and thinking,  this Guy is “punch drunk”!  Maybe so,  the fodder IS coming at me from SOOOO many directions!  But,  consider this:  Does anyone pay attention to how many Toyota Prius’s have been purchased on/under the same specious notion?  Why is Alfonse not chastising Toyota for not advising the Public as to the toxic (Carbon Footprint) nature of the Vehicles Battery Pack!   OH,  you didn’t know that did you?  Toyota’s way ahead of the curve though so don’t be worried,  they just extended the Manufacture’s Warranty on the Battery Pack.  The way they see it,  you’ll not keep the Car long enough to find out!  You’ll just do the Environmentally astute thing and, well,  pass it along to the Government to accept the “waste” and store it in Yucca Mountain along with all the other Toxic Jewells we’re saving the rest of the World from!

But don’t you worry America!  Obama will win because you’ve been told he’ll bring “Change”!   You’ve no idea what kind of “Change” that is,  but you are thrilled with the idea and well,  as my Dear Friend says,  “…he deserves a chance…”!     Gamble with your Own Future Damn It,…NOT MINE and CERTINLY NOT MY CHILDRENS!

By the way,  lest you forget!   I’m not a McCain Fan!   EITHER! Remember,…I’ve said it before, He Doesn’t Want To Win!  He wants to keep you from winning!  And No, sorry to my dear friends in the cauldron of “white guilt” “cum bay ya” crowd, Mr. Obama is the wrong answer for all of the right reasons!  I promise you, you are about to be gravely disappointed!

I’ve crafted this piece in a deliberately fractured form to introduce the concept of “Broken Mirror Politics”!  At first glance the image looks complete and consonant.   The Patriotic Duty of Every American standing up to be counted after availing themselves of the equally Patriotic Message of their Candidate.  Noble and equally Virtuous!   But all IS’NT as it seems, is it?   On closer inspection,  if you’re willing,  one finds that with deeper consideration the images become blurred and fractured.  The messages become conflicted and incongruent and what your are left with is one single solitary, carefully crafted, iconic image from which to base your ULTIMATE decision.   In Mr. Obama’s case,  it is “Change”!   In Mr. McCain’s,  it is “War Hero”!

Yet,  the System never engages in what is relevant and the Public has been “tooled” in such a fashion as to,  dare I say, not even care to know better!

I’m still waiting for some erudite Newsperson to ask Mr. Obama a question like this: “Mr. Obama,  looking at your voting record while in Public Office (both in the Sate of Illinois and at the Federal Level),  your proficiency in Business (non-Public) and your Military Career,  as a foundation,  from which of any or all of these, by example, should the Public find confidence in your ability to affectively discharge the duties held by/in the Office of the President of these Untied States?”    For Mr. McCain, I would ask a very similar questions but I would target mostly,  his years in the Senate.   The question might sound like this:  “Mr. McCain,  clearly you’ve got the mantle,  and well deserved,  as a venerated War Hero to which,  perhaps,  may be sufficient grounds to attest to your Love of Country and I’m humbled by your valor as are we all!  I would like to know about your years in Public Office at the Federal Level.  Let’s see,  you’ve been in Washington since 1982.  Impressive Tenure!  What I’d like to know,  and I’m sure your potential Voters would as well,  is the following:   what single act,  initiated solely by you while in Public Office, can you point to as a seminal moment in your pledge to ‘…defend and protect the Constitution of the United States?’   I’ll take as many as you can give,  but I insist on at least ONE!  Remember,  an action,  in or as part of the Legislative Process   that you and you alone proffered.   We would also accept a sponsored Brief tendered to the Supreme Court,  requesting their adjudication as to the Constitutionality of existing or proposed Legislation or Presidential Action / Executive Order.”

Relevant answers of significance are not given because equally relevant questions are NEVER asked!

More and more frequently I receive commentary from various corners that has a seemingly increased level of acceptable indifference and this troubles me deeply!   I confess a sentiment that is admittedly altruistic and likely out of step with today’s world but I must say that I love this Country dearly!   I love this “sea to shining sea”,  I love the richness and warmth of its People,  I love the IDEA that lies back of the concept “American” and I am more than ever convinced that the principals under and from which this IDEA was crafted are and were Providential!   The American Forefathers did everything within their deliberately restricted (self-imposed) powers to leave this unmistakable truth as conspicuous as possible – it is everywhere!   Sadly,  this image,  has become just another shard in “Broken Mirror Politics”.

If you make the broken pieces increasingly small in size,  thus increasing their numbers,  the image becomes less conspicuous and henceforth,  more of an illusion!

“…the once lasting image,  having lost the valiant,  silently fades and imagines no more.”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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