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It's a Do Over

Several years ago I fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a Pilot.  While completing the various requirements I had the occasion to attend a seminar on “risk avoidance”.  I’ve forgotten much of the details of that day although,  one ascendant message of that course has become inveterate to my life compass.

The course spoke to risk avoidance by reviewing some of the more tragic aircraft accidents in U.S. Aviation history. Tracing each of the final outcomes to one single trigger event that,  if preemptively/properly addressed,  the nascent tragedy would/could have been avoided.

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100 Calorie Pack World

Does anyone really enjoy flying Commercial anymore?   Off handed question I know and ultimately I will get to the point of the “100 Calorie Pack World”,  however I frequently find that peculiar queries appear and I simply have to engage the target!  Consider a more colorful description:  a few years ago I was sitting in the San Francisco Airport Terminal waiting for a flight to Los Angeles and next to me, a Individual who suddenly broke in to an uncontrolled laughter!  Curiosity being the impetus for discovery I had to ask!  What’s so funny?  He looked at me with a smile and said “…sometimes I just think funny things!”   That’s all I have to say about that!

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Peddlin a Cycle

The world we live in today is awash with a flood of information seemingly targeting ones senses at an intoxicating rate.   I say this because I acknowledge that my brain is a sponge at the buffet table of data and I must say that all to often by the time the morsel of info surfaces from the recesses of my data storage unit I’ve not the slightest idea where it came from!   Well it must have been worthy otherwise I would not have retained it…so it would appear!

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A Fix Part 2

“In the midst of a stellar field lies the anguish of nothingness!”

A most peculiar statement, in the absence of context,  which I assure you will not go unnoticed.  But for the moment,  begging your indulgence,  I’ve got to (first) go through a process,  a sort of transfiguration in order to set my self right!

The other day I was standing in line to pay for soda.  To the right of a checkout stand lay a selection of periodicals/daily newspapers.  I noticed that on nearly each of the front pages was some sort of bold commentary about the “Financial Crisis Hits Wall Street”,  “Your Portfolio at Risk”,  “The Coming of an END?”  and so on.

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A Fix Part 1

There is a wonderful old saying that,  as best I recall, goes something like this :

“There is unity in purpose even if it is with those of us who willing sing and march to the tune of our Leaders as they lead us merrily over the CLIFF!”

And then,  here is another curious observation!  It revolves around the clever double entendre as follows:  If your in a “fix”,  what you need is a “fix”!

In short,  the Country is in a “fix” as it appears the momentum toward a march “…merrily over the CLIFF!” seems unavoidable and,  as I see it,  a “fix” is most definitely in order.

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