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Donald Sterling – Crippling a Broken Sports Culture

I’m sorry but this whole NBA Sterling brew-ha-ha has to be a manufactured-circus. Something to distract the public from the far more serious crisis at hand; raging unemployment, the downward spiral of the American workforce, the splintering of societal bonds, the deliberate march into global conflict-to-save-a-ruthless-financial system and so on.

I find it somewhat ironic that a national nerve-plexus that pulsates around show stopping performances and larger than gangster-like caricatures should oh-so-suddenly find the very undercurrent of tension it sponsors an un-survivable trauma. Discrimination is in everything humans do much as it is in any attempt to sanitize a culture and the fact remains that cleaning-up ones act is not a top-down bottom-up affair. It’s purely and strictly an inside-out routine and not ever something to model down the runway of media channels!

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GM & the Value of Corrupt

Viability-of-action is the driving force behind the most contentious events of the day. Primarily a measure of efficacy, for both political and corporate actions, the ideal is no longer bound to the simplicity of simply doing what is right but one that is a narrative of individual survivability and it doesn’t even begin to end there. Yes, we now enumerate and preserve the policy by encapsulating it within the law which serves to indemnify those who are most responsible so as to assure that regardless of their actions or culpability they remain viable.

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Being Accepted for Who You Are

Normally I would avoid commenting on something like this however Honda is running a commercial,  built around the “redesigned Honda Civic”, which deserves a bit of a scolding; with tinny vocals over a sharp bluesy guitar riff, image of a raunchy landfill, contemporary hipsters pitching the latest sensitivity; “being accepted for who you are” being the one that, as I’ve rewound the commercial several times, has become more and more akin to a splinter festering just beneath the skin of my index finger.

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The Outcome of Pelagius

I love the idea of freedom and all that accompanies ones discerning processes engaged in its perfecting.  I believe the concept of freedom is at the heart of every human beings search for fulfillment; truly, one must be free to become what they may.  On a spiritual plain we might even consider that it is the implicit law of Devine Providence or Natural Law. For Mans growth and expression to occur, must he not also be free to engage the processes necessary for expressing ones Providential Design?  I believe the answer is an unqualified yes!

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The Defiance of Ignorance, Again!


The Golden State is once again demonstrating the pervasiveness of a terminal disease and the unwillingness to accept a fundamental truth: There is always an “end”!  Ignorance in governance is dangerous largely due to yet another simple truth: Ignorance is always ignorant of its ignorance!

The current case in point relates to the resurgence of the Nexus Internet Commerce Tax upon which the State of California is pressing forward.  It is the State Legislature’s plan to force web-based enterprises to remunerate, regardless of their domicile (State), sales tax revenues assessed on transaction originating from “sites” based in California. For a more details review of this particular subject take a look at Andrew Breitbarts  article on the matter.

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