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The End of Fiscal Discipline

September 30, 2016 marked the end of another Federal Government fiscal year and with it the Federal Debt jumped $1.3 Trillion; in a mere 12 months. Yes, it is true that Congress hasn’t managed to deliver the required Budget Resolution since 2009 and though President Obama is complicit in the failure he’s not entirely to blame; Congress, however, is.

Setting aside the Budget for the moment, understand the nearly 25% of annual Federal Government Spending is actually not even part of the Budget. From military expenditures for various foreign policy ventures to special funding vehicles for disasters and on to off-book “black-ops” spending to any number of scheduled or unscheduled handouts there seems to be no shortage of spending opportunities.

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China’s Banking Crisis; a Tool of Control?

Disinformation is a clever tool; the problem for most Americans is that few actually consider that it’s being used against them by their own Government! For decades the Public has been told that the U.S. it at risk to the Chinese over the amount of U.S. Debt owned by the Chinese, but did you know that the Chinese published Public debt- load is twice that of the U.S. and actually greater than the U.S. and the entirety of U.K.-E.U. Combined?

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Barclays Sells Vault to Chinese Bank – Dispersing Concealment

It’s clear that a major economic upheaval is coming. Global debt is soaring while major economies are non-responsive and recently, celebrated by the IMF’s recent inclusion of the Chinese Yuan to its list of Reserve Currencies, the global banking cabal has moved  within one final step of possessing complete control of the planets so-called global financial order despite the obvious fact that its scheme is proving to be nothing more than an predatory enterprise.

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Stock Market Plundering Proves Serious Defect in Globalized Market

Consolidating Monetary Policy into a Globalized Cabal has been the long-planned goal of the Fractional Banking System; this is a fact and the greatest defect in fiat monetary policy. Other than the fact that it is impossible for this system to allow wages to keep pace with its own mandatory levels of inflation, is that it functions only so long as inflation persists and ever expanding fields of plunder are made available.

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Jordan – Motivating Fear

For the elite to be able to maintain the global economic conquest of resources the western financial system must not be challenged or allowed to fail. It is a given that gold, being far too valuable as a fractional commodity and though easily manipulated it has always been cumbersome as a form of currency (for various reasons). Oil, on the other hand, is ideal particularly if you control both its source and its market matrix (market, unit conversion and supply/demand).

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