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Trump Announces Middle-East and Greater Indo-Asian Policy

The reality is that the U.S. is in the global geo-political (military) quagmire by design; a design tethered to a global-hegemony routine orchestrated by an Elitist Ideology that long ago confiscated the resources of the U.S. expressly for the purpose of securing its predatory interests.

Trump, by no means a Globalist (the opposition waged against him is all the proof you need to affirm this), has no interest in military engagements however, he has come to understand one fundamental truth: a unilateral pull-out is accompanied by an unavoidable risk, the foot that fills the boot your departure abandons.

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N. Korea; Strategic Division & Going Forward

As to the nuclear proliferation of a militant N. Korea, make no mistake that the key for the U.S. achieving a non-military resolution rests on the shoulders of the Chinese Communist regime and the varied Interests that lay behind them.

The strategic division of N. Korea dates back to the days of expansionist-communism; the Korean War was, ostensibly, fought for the purpose of blocking its expansion. The Chinese ability to achieve the partitioning of the Korean Peninsula was largely due to Soviet-Russia flooding China with munitions, artillery, tanks and aircraft.

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Muddy Waters – Sanctions Bundle Signed by Trump

Question; Is there anything left that we’ve not yet sanctioned?

Historically when a Kahn, Emperor, Caesar, King, Dictator or yes, even a President wanted to impress authority over another an actionable force would be charged with enforcing a prohibition-by-imposition. We’ve come so far in as much as now, in the age of one-world technocracy, we’ve become more efficient. Have we?

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N. Korea; Navigating a Plan Forward

The challenge facing the U.S. is not that the NK issue is structurally any different than it was in 1953 (Armistice), but that now, after years of chronic policy neglect, the situation is no longer simply about trade, human rights, boarder spats and the occasional hit and run antics of the N. Korean Military. The entire theatrical matrix is now tinctured with a Nuclear Threat, the source of which involves Iran, Pakistan, China and Russia.

If that weren’t enough to sting the mind, you have the various area residents (primarily S. Korea, Japan and Taiwan) facing a more immediate threat and in the case of N. Korea, concerned that U.S. actions might unleash a N. Korean storming of their northern border.

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Obama-Podesta Russian Scam

The Trump-Bashing Fiesta takes a new turn with Donald Jr.’s release of emails chronicling a mismanaged meeting with a Russian Attorney. Under the pretext of offering pre-election background dirt on Clinton he, along with Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, participated in a sit-down only to quickly discover the bait was not only baseless, but related to alleged Russian abuses and U.S. Policy on Russian adoptions.

Of course, the Anti-Trump crowd will no doubt run with this to the point of exhaustion and further prove the hopelessness of the political alternative leaving the facts by the wayside.

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