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A Day for Every Day!

Strip away the glitter and colored lights, silence the guns that rhetoric ignites. The Christmas message is pure and sweet; love is a candle and you are its light!

Mankind is in a desperate struggle; the enemy is neither a devil nor is it a nation-state; the fight occurs between the image we indulge and the reality that is. One is simple, fashionable and transient while the other is what is absolute and seems so unachievable.

Love is neither fashionable nor transient, either simple or unachievable. It must only and ever be absolute and for this reason it must matter for if it is to be meaningful it must mean everything!

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The Silent Race; Are You Stirring?

Is there a growing contempt for race-baiting? Are we nearing critical-mass on the hypocrisy of defining a conflict purely on the basis of race? Is it possible that we are nearing a time when we can distinguish between the right to be discriminating and the totalitarian regime of thought whose objective is to debase an entire people by frenetic-proxy in order to define them into manageable herds? By filling the mind with microbial fodder purely for political advantage and control; the advantage of “them” vs. “us” when the outcome of which is near total social-polarity!

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Sadness in a Smiling Face

“Your eyes defy a weeping heart, a smile conceals a silent spirit; the pain of sadness. Would that I had known, that I would brave to heal, that I might wipe away your tears, that I might share my hope in the company of grace; that I might give to you relief in the fondness of loves embrace. Would that I had known, what could I have done? I am left to never know.”

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A Treatises on Treaties

The recent report of the Administrations letter to Putin, regarding allegations that the Russians have violated the 1987 IRNF Treaty, is a bit peevish. The effort amounts to nothing more than a “cover” for what, at the moment, may not be entirely clear. It could be to create the appearance of response (if only as a component of one that is anticipated) or it could be a move urged by the Department of State as a skid for placing U.S. resources in advanced theater positions, perhaps even a walking-forward of the U.S. Missile Defense System.

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Dinesh D’Souza; not on Film

I marvel at the media blackout over D’Souza’s film, “America: Imagine the World Without Her.” Asking myself; what could be wrong with this messenger and his affirming message? Understanding the defense posture of a failing state the question isn’t whether one should watch the film but rather what is the undertoe of the message that warrants so caustic a response by/from the statists.

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