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Price Fixing or is it Tax Evasion?

Federal prosecutors are continuing their assault on various antitrust violations and 2012 marks the second straight year that the Department of Justice has levied more than $1 Billion in fines.  The most recent example of the DOJ’s campaign came last September (2013) with their announcement that nine Japan-based auto parts manufactures pleaded guilty to charges relating to a widespread price-fixing racket alleged to have added over $5 Billion to the cost of new vehicles. 

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Privacy in a Marketplace of Invasion

The argument in defense of Government canvasing the public, not unlike the Commerce of Business, continues to build upon the calculated dismantling of key Amendments contained within the Bill of Rights.

Shaping the offensive argument based on the premise of a Need to Know is an anathema to fundamental rights of the Sovereign Individual; after all, what possible check on the abuse of power is possible in the face of so comprehensive a self-prescribed mandate as this?

Rarely discussed and often ignored is the 9th Amendment;

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Third & Fourth Choices

We’ve still several months to go before the field of would be Presidential Candidates resolves to its final form.  The hold-outs and drop-offs are being scored as the media circus ramps-up to orchestrate what will most assuredly be, for some, yet another demonstration of democracy’s shining moment of political hyperbole-in-progress. 

Already the news outlets, either in print or broadcast, make comparisons of personality and appearances though scant inquiry as to policy and even less to practice.  I’m quite certain they are committed to appearing polished, conscientious and erudite after all the people will make their decisions based on the message they construct, willingly or otherwise.  That is of course the understanding although I possess a bit of curiosity which peaks of interest from time to time regarding a few rather indiscriminant and seemingly less consequential issues.  The few: 

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Dynamics of the Flaw

 To set the stage for this particularly commentary I have chosen to draw on an excerpt from Volume III of the Blind Vision Series: Valor in Prosperity. For those who have read the Series, you will no doubt be familiar with this offering: 

“Conspicuous by its absence amidst the dire mantra of crafted sound bites, vague and indiscreet commentary, is the fertile interchange and color of inspired and constructive thought. It appears as if the body of our combined experience is saddled, frozen with apprehension, awaiting the final blow! 

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The Heartland Institute – Fed Bailout & California Bonds

The Heartland Institute ( is an organization fundamentally devoted to a native response (versus a government attempt) for addressing issues facing this Nation. Their website states the position in a most clarifying manner;

Heartland’s mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems. Such solutions include parental choice in education, market-based approaches to environmental protection, privatization of public services, and deregulation in areas where property rights and markets do a better job than government bureaucracies.”

Without reservation, their efforts and guiding compass is one that is wholly congruent with the objectives of The Imperfect Messenger Foundation and we applaud their efforts and encourage one and all to explore the discourse hosted by this noble Organization.

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