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CBO: Dangerous Distortions

CBO projections are an illicit dance with the facts. Though it projects that 24 Million fewer people, in 10 years, will be without coverage, what they aren’t telling is that in 10 years, if Obamacare stays in place, 100% of Medicaid recipients will have nothing at all as the States will not be able to pay for the massive costs or will the Federal Government.

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TrumpCare the Hard Way!

Like it or not the President, to the delight of Schumer & Pelosi, now owns Obamacare. Despite our recommendations, Ryan, McConnell & Price have persuaded the Administration to take a different course. Instead of coming out with a plan that directly reconstructs the entire system they’ve decided to run a leveraged approach. Leveraged in the sense that will phase-in their ascent of Mount Obamacare by first presenting a “working” plan in the form of proposed legislation, followed by 3-4 concurrent Bills, principally with the intent of engaging both parties into the consensus-by-amendment process.

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California’s Oroville Dam

Anybody wonder what the Trump Administration might want for Financial Sanctuary from costs of repairs the State refused in 2005?

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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California Dam Failing: No Sanctuary!

With all the talk about California Sanctuary Cities perhaps Californian’s greatest need is sanctuary from massive State Bureaucracies incapable of providing or managing the basic functions of State Government. Add to the mix the burden of a massive statewide infrastructure, utility systems, freeways and State routes, bridges and power grid for a population nearing 40 Million People – not to mention the complexities associated with a well known seismically active region – and you have a fiscal and administrative burden that dwarfs many countries; perhaps the State should be splintered into a more manageable configuration. Known for decades for its top-down State Bureaucracy dominantly populated by generational gnomes effervescing with the glow of its own form of political egomaniacal-narcissism.

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Trump Shelves TPP

As a tool for encapsulating China, in practical terms, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a paper-tiger and China has long-proven itself selective as to its devotion to international law; for the Chicoms piracy is a practice not a prohibition. As a consumer of U.S. Jobs, TPP is no immediate threat. The U.S. Governments suspension of domestic job creation was previously accomplished thru the implementation of the GATT/WTO, NAFTA & CAFTA Treaties.

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