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Disappearing Economic Engine Continues

A diverse and productive economy is not only a potent tool for expanding a broad and fertile wage base it is, as we’ve discussed many times, a national security issue.

Leo Gerard has penned a piece that refines the topic in a discussion that looks at the effect of worthless and reckless Trade Policy on both the American Steel and Aluminum Industries.

As the Administration moves forward with its Economic and Trade-Policy Agenda it is vital that Americans are equipped to challenge lapses in judgement. Do take a few moments and read Gerard’s article; it’s worth your time and effort.

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Tax Reform: Sacred Corporate Cow!

There are far too many false-truths surrounding the in-progress Tax Reform discussion each with the potential of further elevating the Corporate Juggernaut beyond the sacred cow status it presently holds, perhaps on to the omniscient deity domain.

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Congress Fails Again! TIME FOR TERM LIMITS!

Without question, Trump has been setup for failure. Before it gets worse, speaking of Repeal and Replace, even if a “Bill” were to reach his desk he should immediately retract his support of their efforts and go to the American Public with a prime-time address explaining the truth behind what Congress has done.

I’ve had the great privilege of participating in efforts to formulate a functional restructuring of the U.S. Healthcare System and the many of you who’ve read any of my books or essays on the subject know the expanse of the efforts. The fact is there was never a concerted effort (by Congress) to Repeal & Replace Obamacare, the single greatest and catastrophic blow to the U.S. Healthcare System bar none (with Medicaid/Medicare a close second).

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Trump: The Gain’s on Paper!

The economics of Fiat Money proves hearty for Governments, Banks and Financial Markets (for a time), but for regular folks it’s a perpetual blood-letting. Free (Fiat) money is fine and can be made to work, but only so long as its notional/nominal value-in-circulation is attached to some reliable unit. A perfect base for this would be NPO (National Productive Output) which would include domestic agricultural output, domestic construction (at cost), mineral output, oil & gas, raw material, export finished component output, finished factory output and twenty percent of “soft” industry output (e.g., design, IT, product development and financial serves).

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CBO: Dangerous Distortions

CBO projections are an illicit dance with the facts. Though it projects that 24 Million fewer people, in 10 years, will be without coverage, what they aren’t telling is that in 10 years, if Obamacare stays in place, 100% of Medicaid recipients will have nothing at all as the States will not be able to pay for the massive costs or will the Federal Government.

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