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Trade Agreements & Political Half-Truths

Did you know that the last time the U.S. had a “Trade Surplus” ($12.4 Billion) was 1975?  By 2015 the Federal Trade Deficit, for just Fiscal Year 2015, was $539.8 Billion. Did you know that since 1992, when the WTO (Trade Treaties) was passed and thru Fiscal Year-End 2015 the Cumulative Trade Deficit was $10.2 Trillion and over the same period Federal Debt increased by $14.1 Trillion?

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Silencing the Debt Load of Consumerized-Canabalism

The only thing worse than the mounting Federal Debt (and Unfunded Mandates) is that none of the candidates, save for the occasional comment by Trump, can even begin to grasp the overwhelming problem that it represents or how to approach solving it.

Gone, it would seem, is any semblance of interest in or the crushing effect of this burden – now nearing $179 Trillion- as their silence has only given way to the lunacy of the many programs typified by the offerings of Sanders, Clinton and most of the GOP.

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$19 Trillion; No-Limit Spending!

On Friday, January 29th, 2016 the Federal Debt hit slightly above the $19 Trillion mark – $19.012 Trillion to be exact. Interesting to note that the last $1 Trillion increase occurred in a mere 13 months; the previous increase required 14 (months).

Congress, with immense pressure from the White House, has found it fitting to do-away with any financial restraint and it has accomplished this merely by successive suspensions of the Debt Ceiling Limit. This began in February of 2014 with the introduction of the “Temporary Debt Limit Extension Act.” The greater shame in all of this is that no one seems to care that this exhibition is not only a complete abdication of fiscal responsibility but also a brazen taunt that can and most certainly will end in crisis and for those not protected by government influence, it will be apocalyptic.

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Carried-Interest Acquires Favor

Governor Kasich suggests that “changing the incentives for investment and risk-taking” is akin to socialism while others assail elimination of this special treatment equivalent to a tax-increase which the GOP views as counter to republican orthodoxy.

Typically this tax-advantaged treatment occurs in the case of Fund Managers who receive, in the form of compensation, an equity share in the very fund(s) they manage. These “funds” distribute their gains (to their equity participants/investors) which are normally taxed at Long-Term Capital Gain rates. The Fund Manager’s claim is that since their compensation is in the form of an equity interest their distributed gain should be similarly taxed at the more favorable long-term capital gains rate; so far they’ve successfully defended this position using several scurrilous arguments, the primary one being similar to that offered by Gov. Kasich.

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Obama Budget – A 2016 Strategy

True, Mr. Obama is a master at luring the ignorant, only now he’s going up-town with his game and the true reckoning will assure a GOP failure in 2016.

It’s all there in black and white (the Budget); key liberal-fascism in the form of play-to-those-with-their-hands out and watch the Republican leadership (and the country) implode as they chase phantoms.

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