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The Fantasy of Parsing Boundaries in a Secular-World!

When will the allegations of depraved activity stop? Simple answer: when the open-boundaries fueling both the act itself, and then its tolerances, are closed.

When will women be totally emancipated and unburdened by this oppressive order? When they no longer believe that oppression offers an advantage, when they no longer assume that being a Woman is, on its own, a burden and that together each of these features, among all other permutations, are exclusive to women.

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Standing in Line: A Meaningless Form

Consider this: The ordinary man, his name is Bill, walking down the street who stops when he notices a long line of people standing along the sidewalk of full City block; he looks to his left and right and to him it appears as if the line continues around the block in both directions. His curiosity peaked he crosses the street and asks; “So, what’s this all about?”  One guy responds, “Can’t you see, we’re standing in line!” Within seconds the ribbon of people turn and look at him erupting into a dissonant cacophony of reprimands, “hey stupid, can’t you see there’s a line here, not cuts, go back to the end of the line!”  Annoyed by the response Bill continues along the line occasionally asking the same question receiving a similar response; he turns the corner and again he sees that the line does indeed continue.  He ask a woman; “Mam, can you tell me where the end of the line is?” She responds by pointing over her shoulder and with a bruising pitch proclaims,  “It’s back there!”  

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All Aboard! Destination: Misdirection

To all great intentions there lie a shadow of alternate purpose; one which conceals itself but not by its nature. It is only the silent hand that observes and moves about the actions of another waiting, cloaking its maneuvering until such time it moves to make intentions its own. The process is the companionship of cross-purposes; the divisiveness of intention once your own, now adverse to yours. 

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Faith Inseparable

The explosive media coverage of the events in Arizona has served to illustrate two significant observations: (1.) The means by which a truly tragic event can be redirected, and (2.) the means by which the application of excess becomes an event unto itself and in so doing, enables the former.  As yet, I have not yet resolved on the issue as to whether it is more the event itself this Nation should mourn or the manner in which a nation’s media and political process expresses the solemnity of the mourning process. 

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2010 – Closing one, Reveals another!

“The horizon reveals day by day; with each revolution we compel the outcome we choose and still we question; why.”

This phrase is an excerpt from a manuscript that I plan on releasing some time this coming year. In part, it is the work of a lifetime of observations, ponderous inquiry and study yet it is to a specific event from this soon-to-close year that I will share with you now. Its impression was quite severe, its revelation was significant in such a way as to cause me to rethink the entire manuscript and ultimately to refine its ultimate form.

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