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The Heartland Institute – Fed Bailout & California Bonds

The Heartland Institute ( is an organization fundamentally devoted to a native response (versus a government attempt) for addressing issues facing this Nation. Their website states the position in a most clarifying manner;

Heartland’s mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems. Such solutions include parental choice in education, market-based approaches to environmental protection, privatization of public services, and deregulation in areas where property rights and markets do a better job than government bureaucracies.”

Without reservation, their efforts and guiding compass is one that is wholly congruent with the objectives of The Imperfect Messenger Foundation and we applaud their efforts and encourage one and all to explore the discourse hosted by this noble Organization.

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The Door Swings Both Ways

Careful, don’t let the door hit you on the way “in”; yes in deed, it definitely swings both ways!

The build-up to the election has reached a crescendo all it’s own with one after the other political machine punch-drunk with positionings of various kinds and politicians fatigued by the routine.  I mean, really how many variations is there on the theme “…if you elect me I’ll go to Washington and get the government busy creating jobs and clean out the partisan sewage.”  Selah!

As I’ve said (and written) countless times:

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Union – What you do; Reveals!

“Action reveals the unspoken word; recording for all time what one had concealed by silence.”  

“What you do speaks so loud, I can not hear what you say.”

I must confess I do love phrases such as these; an assembly of simple words set in their own unique pattern in such a way that they are both rhythmic to the ear and intimidating in their meaning.  The first series is my own, the latter belongs to Emerson.

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A Chamberlain-esque Pledge to America

So, what is there to say about the GOP’s “A Pledge to America?”  Short answer: Not Much!  It is the quintessential poli-speak shaped, formed and refined over decades in to a supremely indefinable medium of its own.  Or, as I write in We Hold These Truths,

“The politician feels quite comfortable defining whatever they want so long as you don’t insist on their telling you, precisely, what it is!  After all, to press a point of principle is only to render them speechless!”


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WiNiP – A Perfect Mission! V9.10

What I Noticed in Passing….

This past Tuesday I was invited to a local “meet & greet” hosting a local politician who is running for office.  I arrived with a few copies of each of the books in the Blind Vision Series, set them on the entry table along with a “promo” hi-lighting the material as well as a “soft pitch” on yours truly and with this administrative task aside, I milled about the hall listening in on various conversations, looking for a familiar face. It wasn’t long until I found myself on the perimeter of a group, 25 or so standing listening intently to the guest of honor making his pitch!

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