Comey- Draining a Puddle!

I’m annoyed by the syrupy deference offered Public Officials; a sort of wholesale reverence that transcends reason or justification particularly when the standards of performance are so incredibly low. Where the bar that would otherwise constitute a breach-of-duty and get one fired is seemingly an unachievable trigger-point.

The more important question is why did the firing of Comey take so long to materialize? Why, following his public comments about Hillary’s email investigation, wasn’t Comey fired by Obama? Why did Team-Trump accept the vetting by the Obama Administration of Flynn without verifying, for their own benefit, his background? One simple reason: The toxic entrails of these two characters are the droppings left behind by the Obama Administration as a lingering foothold of political-vice. An anchor point for the media and politicos to tie-off onto as they continue their efforts aimed at unraveling the Trump Administration/Agenda. Moreover, neither Trump nor his Advisors anticipated that the Obama Administration would purposefully mine the terrain in so vile and treacherous a manner.

Reviewing Trumps actions and his actionable agenda, aside from his penchant for scrambling the media-midgets with mix-messaging whipping them into a swirling state of hypoxia – which they richly deserve, how can anyone favoring a recovering of the U.S. find fault with his agenda or his appointments? Really!

By process of elimination we can (only) conclude that it’s all about Power, pure unadulterated Power and any thing or any interests that dare challenge its hold. You know this to be true and for one very clear and conspicuous reason: the challenges emanate from no specific party-base but rather regardless of Party.

The American Public are being deliberately segmented into an adversarial relationship with one another appearing as if along Party lines, but nothing could be further from the truth. The separation is occurring in a far more deceptive manner and yet so few seem to notice it occurring.

The rift is developed by employing the targeting of a fundamental and universally accepted structure, then creating a false narrative (threat) about that structure and then assigning the “threat” to a group or individual and then relentlessly broadcasting the narrative until conflict arrives to disable the whole allowing the subversive cause to ascend without challenge.

Alinsky applied this methodology in developing his “Rules for Radicals” and, in fact, if you study them you’ll quickly identify a thematic consistency throughout his thirteen rules. For Americans, there is one key fact they need to understand about this method and that is this: the Threat is always built upon a Lie or an unprovable Premise and for one good reason; people rarely argue on the facts. Because of this, the argument is circuitous and never resolves based on facts. When a person argues based on a Lie or an Unprovable Premise they will never accept a fact as a direct challenge or for overturning their perspective. They can’t, without risking having to acknowledge they are part of or integral to the subversive agenda.

Last point on the “threat”: It is not the purpose of the “threat” to actually argue in support of achieving opposition to it or its success; the singular purpose of the threat-agenda is to create a divide, by fueling conflict for the single purpose of disabling opposition to a concealed agenda. By doing so, those who are made busy with conflict are also, simultaneously, disabled opponents. Now you understand the intent behind Phillip of Macedonia’s motto, “Divide and Conquer.”

Now then, back to the firing of Comey. It is my opinion that no one should be saddened by the sudden and unannounced firing of the Director. Instead, you should be furious that it wasn’t accompanied by a fiery and effusive indictment of an entire system that has about as much operational-virtue and structural relevance as a bee-sting in the eye.

Enough of the Kid-Gloves routine. If there is to be any restorative effect to the rule of law or the processes of governance the American People will need to witness the calling-out and the full and complete sanctioning of Public Officials, elected or otherwise. As it is, the Public is being driven, in droves, to a point where they see little if any reason to work toward reclaiming the functional role of a Representative Democracy. Once Divided, then Conquered.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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