Democracy, A Tough Choice

January 15, 2009

“America isn’t easy,  America is advanced citizenship, you’ve got to want it bad….” This piece is taken form the 1995 movie “American President” and in the demonstrated performance American ethos and passion,  the scene (“American President – the Speech ”) where this excerpt is sourced is not to be missed. Yes the later 1.4 minutes are annoying to me for the topic of discussion on Crime Bill and Energy Bill a bit on the side of misguided however,  but I must confess,  I’ve never seen Michael Douglas give a more stunning performance.

The movie was written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Rob Reiner and though I suspect Mr. Sorkin may not have intended a civics lesson, there are several scenes in the movie,  the “Pool Table” (with Martin Sheen and Michael Douglas) and the “Oval Office ” scene (Michael J. Fox is wonderful) where the interchange between his character and that of Michael Douglas’s engage in a discourse about the “….right of the people to question…” are patent examples of virile republican (not party but government form) ideals.

If one where to revisit the movie and to be able to simply focus on the malignant components of policy doctrine and practice,  such as the exposure given to the Lobbying activities (played by Ms. Bening) and the slothful nature of the Senator (played by Richard Dreyfuss) , we get a glimpse in the American Politics as practiced.

I am troubled by Politics being the “art of compromise”, there’s something in the suspending of reason that makes the idea of surrender so devastating.  Particularly to the principals that lie back of the Republican form of Government.

In other words, if the values espoused as those being “American Values” are indeed, valuable, then how can the practice of Government be their compromise?  How can the ideals of Freedom, as an ever expanding ambition, be served in this type of forum?

Government perfecting the practice of divisiveness by way of institutionalizing prurient political eugenics is, in fact, not only the form of the game as it is played, but it rapidly destroying this nation!  In the name of Governance, we shame our national heritage and endorse its destruction.   I’m of the opinion,  when using our Elected as an indication of our conviction,  not only can we do better,  if we expect the results your vote would otherwise suggest,  we’re going to have too!

Democracy is a tough choice and an even tougher game to play!  It walks the line at great peril!  Its safety and security requires vigilance and perpetual oversight to void the temptations that expose its great weakness!   We are going to witness the great peril of this in the coming years and it will be precisely because we have not been good stewards and we have lost touch with the demands that are required to be honored in order for it to be preserved.   I don’t like the alternatives and if your like me,  well, I’m not leaving!

There is much at stake and I admit, amidst the euphoria of the blind adoration that is taking place,   that it may not seem as such, but there is!

Only that which is lasting is worth saving, only that which is worth saving can provide an affirming view of what is best and most noble in each of us!

We’d best take a look, a VERY close look at what we are doing to one another!  I think, no, I know, for you, it’s worth saving!

Find a void in the day and fill it with an expression of your higher purpose!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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