Healthcare: Government Healthcare’s Here to Stay!

While it appears that the Republicans have managed to assemble a Repeal & Replace Bill two fundamental truths have now emerged:

(1) The American Public, prompted by the progressive antics of cradle-to-grave mythologies, consider Healthcare Coverage a fundamental right and privilege with an expectancy that the costs associated with the same will somehow magically relieve them of any personal responsibility.

(2) If any Bill emerges that does not link the cost of providing these Benefits to the market-forces driving Healthcare Costs then you can kiss any potential for Fiscal Management goodbye.

We already know this to be true after all, you need only look at the estimated $145 Trillion of Unfunded Medicaid/Medicare and Social Security Mandates for proof and as an acutely relevant demonstration of what happens when Government reaches into the marketplace and relieves the participants of any economic responsibility.

If the GOP, like the Dems before them (under Obamacare), fails to tie Insurance Premiums directly to the Cost of Providing the coverage then ONLY one of two events, or a combination of the two, will occur: A reduction in Benefits and/or exponential growth in Government Funded Premium Subsidies along with the Debt Explosion that, as the government steps-in with continuous and every expanding funding, that is certain to accompany the scheme.

Again, the entire profile of this mythologically-based agenda will be catastrophic if a return to market-based principles does not occur and you can bet the Dems who follow the pathological idiocracy of Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi are salivating with delight as the Republicans relieve them of the travesty that is Obamacare.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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