Ignorance Collapsing on Itself

Standing before the Pyramids of Egypt or the Roman Coliseum one can’t help be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of these structures’ design and the effort expended in their construction. Ironically no one has yet been able to figure out how the Pyramids were built and as to the Coliseum there is no faithful record of its many design features and it systems; the only evidence of these remarkable achievements persist merely in their remains the method and means having been lost somewhere within the passages of time.  

Man’s true genius exists in the realm of the ethereal, the transmutation of thought into an action and then into a form. It is important to consider that the thought or idea had long been in existence and merely waiting man’s receipt (i.e., not unlike a letter or postcard mailed in the 1930’s yet only delivered eighty years later) or discovery. Man contributes nothing to the organic processes of nature; they are, one might say, handled. All that remains is Man’s compounding, in the form of an expression, of these organic processes by thought into action and then into form or substance. The ideal of course is that this cycle advances, progeneratively, into enlightened thought, enlightened action and enlightened form/substance. The ever-expanding enlightenment of the mind of Man, ever-expanding the domain of what becomes the expression of thought, action into form/substance and this very point describes the outcome of what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he wrote “…pursuit of happiness.”   

Make no mistake this commentary is most certainly not meant as new-age pageantry; it is simply a transaction-point of this Nation’s social, economic and political evolution and the outcome of Ignorance Collapsing on Itself; the post critical-mass era of an entire Nation opting toward an outcome that was neither inspired nor enlightened but one counter to the very ideals upon which the Nation was founded. Whereas the movement should have deliberately moved toward perfecting the Ideal of Self-Government, Free-Market Economics, Expansion of Freedom, Liberty and Personal Responsibility the Individual merged into the dysfunctional promise of Collective-Indifference (or Collective-Secularism) and the various systems have adapted in favor of their collective advantage.  

Unlike the Pyramids of Egypt and the Coliseum in Rome ours is not a decaying form the method and means of which having been lost somewhere within the passages of time but one whose design and intention actually move with time and do not suffer from decay. The fact that political operatives challenge the means and methods of our systems functional form is by no means a design or durability flaw; the fact that Rep. Pelosi is incapable of understanding the 1st Amendment or that the President doesn’t grasp the distinction between a Republic and a Democracy or that few seem interested in the adverse interests of Corporate-Governance vs. Free-Market Economics or that there is indeed a difference between Productive Wealth Capacity and Debt-Funded Revenue or that Legislative License is not the equivalent of Freedom or that Politicizing Structural Dysfunction is not a Constitutional Mandate is simply due to the fact that most have elected to believe there is no difference or they simply don’t care to know or seem to prefer selective-ignorance or any combination of the same and those not mentioned. 

Future historians will have no need to engage in an archeological autopsy in order to discover the means and methods of our evolutionary decay or will they need to reverse-engineer our dysfunctional form; they will see it for what it is and as they do they will wonder why a Nation, founded upon the enlightened ideal(s) of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness opted-out of the pursuit and perfection of the Ideal. 

Ignorance holds no security or relief from the consequence of choosing to remain ignorant and it is for this very reason that we are witnessing Ignorance Collapsing on Itself in the various social, political and economic conflicts that confront this Country and the entire system believes it remains secure so long as the People choose to remain ignorant. Unfortunately there is no suspending the consequence.  

“Vision is not the reflection of what is seen. It is the outcome of inspired thought willing to imagine that which lies beyond the observed.” – C. Greco 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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