Immigration; How Extreme is Trump?

Is Mass Deportation (voluntary or involuntary), Boarder Control, Currency Flow Restriction and Ending “Anchor” Baby Policy so extreme? Or is the hype merely an extension of an obvious reality no political technician dare face?

The facts are that this Nation’s political regime long ago surrendered sovereign allegiance in favor of expedience. The consequence of which is an exponential growth in debt, uncontrollable budget/spending routines, a decapitated financial/economic sector and an evaporating social cohesion. Not to mention a population, generally, that is so miss-informed that not only are they unable to recognize the cause of their decline they find the frighteningly few solutions peevishly offensive.

The price of political correctness has bankrupted this Nation financially, sociologically, structurally, politically and most importantly it’s foundational (moral) compass. A reminder: It is only the qualitative attributes of the Ideal one pursues that differentiates one outcome from the other. If one is unwilling to preserve and perfect this distinction the Ideal will never survive as a guide that others will be compelled to follow.

This Country, at nearly every level, promotes lawlessness by the mere fact that it refuses to enforce, uniformly, its own laws! The fundamentals of this very simple observation are so important it seems incomprehensible that so few comprehend their significance.

The question shouldn’t be whether the U.S. should (or even can) continue to absorb the failures of other Nations, but rather why is it that there is such tolerance for failure! There is no politically correct answer to this question.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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