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It’s not sufficient for each to simply make a mark!  NO!

We need to make a lasting impression!

However and more importantly, we owe one another an impression worth replicating!  Why? 

You must know:  there is no void created by your absence,  there IS only the lasting burden to mankind who perpetually languishes until you appear!  And when I say appear,  I don’t mean show up,  I mean demonstrate the unique expression of divinely inspired genius that you, and you alone, possess! This, in silent desperation, is what the world lies in wait for!

You doubt? Look at this Nation! A once potent national esprit rallied around the common ideals expressed within “We hold these truths to be self evident…” , no having been suspended, and we now look at the horizon with a curious gaze,…”what happened??”

The great disappointment of Obama is not that he is President, no not at all!  The Great Disappointment is that an entire Nation actually believed that the inspiration and commitment necessary for revitalizing a Nation was going to be somehow magically transferred to someone other than YOU!  That somehow the effort required of an entire People was going to condense in to one human being!  In this configuration, utter failure is inevitable!

The absence of vision is not blindness, it is the complete detachment of an individual from conscious and consequential thought!

 “Stand 4” standing for refining the gift you represent in the life of another! “Stand 4” standing that in your personal expression of the divinely inspired gift which you represent, that you, in fact, will then become the “cause” for another to be inspired to do the same!

When you do this, you truly become the “cause” of a life changing experience that occurs in ways you can’t possibly imagine!  The Imperfect Messenger Foundation is all about offering a different perspective on the events of life from the ideals we find lasting!

What you want from another you must first be willing to perfect, first, in yourself! 

Who among us has ever accomplished anything worthy that required nothing short of total commitment?   Why should we expect this law to not apply in every phase or aspect of human existence?

That’s how it is,  and no,  I don’t make this stuff up! It’s simply what is “SO”!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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