Iraq – Wherever the Road Leads

The age old battle of global conquest is itself a contest over predictable outcome; you go were the road leads, you travel the terrain it brings you, feeding on the spoils as you go. The Middle-East contest has never been over the religious beliefs of nomadic tribes. It’s always been over the dominance of external forces whether it be the regional powers imposition of religious imperialism (Shia vs. Sunni) or the nomadic horde of Western and Eastern forces rendering unto themselves the fruits of global conquest under whatever banner, at any given time, that suits the prescribed purpose.
Although, on a decidedly local/regional level, it’s fair to say that the rise of ISIS (as with any of its predecessors) is a perpetual inevitability. As the various interests look to camouflage their respective intent however the current environment is far different, the terrain has changed. It is no longer possible to confine the fallout to the deserts or rocky outcroppings of ancient Palestine, Persia or North Africa; now, with the Middle-East an Arms Merchants showcase of destructive capacity, the fallout is unavoidable and will, with equal fervor, find its maker.
When you believe there’s nothing to lose you have no fear of loss; where there is nothing to gain there is nothing to defend. Extremism takes hold where predators, who believe they’ve nothing to lose, enforce mass-submission of those who are defenseless. Peace and prosperity only appears to follow the victor home; in time the allure of conquests seemingly easy pickings replaces the regiment of restraint and a new just-cause is crafted followed by a new call-to-arms fills the arenas; how foolish. So long as this process is the practice, humans will know no peace and predation will be the road most traveled; in both directions.
The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.
#1: For the American people, who don’t understand the massive displacement of humans, the unimaginable price of this entire middle-east affair is so difficult to wrap into our 10-15 second attention spans. The immense stores of military hardware (left in Iraq by the U.S.) coupled with the funneling of arms and patronage by Russia/China (thru Iran) and the Arab League (led by Saudi Arabia) has set lose a kinetic force that is so wildly unpredictable as to render the entire matrix of cause and effect to a nearly unintelligible level.
Can the U.S. sit this out? Can we? I believe we should and I believe we can however only if the U.S. takes a position that is decidedly nationalist in perspective (if there’s an interest I’m happy to explain the complexion of the “nationalist” comment). Will the U.S. consider an “about face”? Probably not; the public, in part, is too easily teased into submission and the economics of conflict are still just so universally influential and a great many politicians, from around the globe, are deeply vested in conflict.
Pay close attention to the rhetoric; the Hawks always talk in terms of a symmetrical threat (security or economic) with the only response alternative being to engage; meanwhile all the Doves offer is a discussion on the hawkish behavior of the Hawks! No one appears willing to break ranks with the regime mentality that’s driving the flotilla of stupid; no one dares speak out; “Whoa Sparky, let’s back-off the gaseous-billowing and explore a different set of routines; we may be drinking a bit too much KoolAid!” 
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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