Jordan – Motivating Fear

For the elite to be able to maintain the global economic conquest of resources the western financial system must not be challenged or allowed to fail. It is a given that gold, being far too valuable as a fractional commodity and though easily manipulated it has always been cumbersome as a form of currency (for various reasons). Oil, on the other hand, is ideal particularly if you control both its source and its market matrix (market, unit conversion and supply/demand).

In order for the West to continue it hegemonic quest it must maintain control over the Energy Matrix and it does this, chiefly, by controlling the markets trading energy (conveniently denominated in U.S. Dollars) and supply (thru OPEC/Saudi Arabia). Understand that Crude/NG has never been in short supply; it control was deliberately moved off-shore in order to camouflage western control.

Obama’s peevish fantasy-plan was to redirect the energy matrix toward alternate-energy ambitions thru calculated environmental staging (climate change). By doing so he has run head-long into a well-orchestrated cabal that will tacitly tolerate his ignorance and comprehensive lack of economic or financial understanding. However, they’ve no intention of submitting to his ambition; to do so is to surrender control of the western monitory system and their global ambitions.

Obama’s adolescence has only served to delay the inevitable, but rest assured that a major global conflict is coming and one can easily sample the building tensions by observing increased media activity, hawkish babble and asserted certainty of imminent threats.

The West, primarily thru its surrogate facilities, is behind the happenings in Ukraine and the chaos in the Middle East where the key force is being financed thru the funnel that is Saudi Arabia. As tragic as it is, Jordan is simply the latest tool for conditioning the Western population hubs; fear is a most compelling and motivating force and the more extreme and repugnant the better.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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