Key to Clinton’s Success

During a recent radio appearance I was asked; “how do the Clinton’s do it? How do they manage to keep the barriers of appropriate conduct from infringing on their ambitions?” It’s quite simple; the Clintons have long understood that you protect yourself by contaminating your would-be challengers and you do this by giving them participation in the process. This way your fellow participant will never dare challenge you or call you to account without having to endure the risk of exposing their own culpability!

From Billary’s days as teaming activists, to their time in Arkansas, thru their White House tenure and on to the present day there’s been perfect demonstration of advantaging themselves thru the abuse of moral relativism fueled on a foundation of character-flaw(s). This of course may lead one to ask; “how do you know?” which yields to an equal simple and obvious response: Because the system that should be vigorously holding them to account fails to do so.

There’s a price for all of this, the most conspicuous of which can be seen in the social disintegration observed in the recent outbreaks in Ferguson and now in Baltimore. The raucous and destructive behavior mirrors the publics contempt for and adaptation to the very patterns of behavior exhibited by the political and economic elite. If the system isn’t going to hold “them” to account then why should I hold myself to account to the very same system!  Bottom-up or Top-down the mirror reflects the image projected; distorted or otherwise!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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