Might the Iranian Nuke Deal be Unraveling?

It’s been known, apparently with the exception of the Obama Administration, that Iran had long proven it capacity (since 2003) to produce weapons-grade uranium. Given trace evidence of both uranium and plutonium (found at a nuclear site, by the IAE, in 2006) along with confirmed N. Korean technical assistance and you have a 90 percent plus likelihood that Iran has tested, either at depth in Iran or in N. Korea, a WMD.

Question: Why would Iran surrender their ability to “develop” fissionable material to the U.S.?

Answer: They didn’t surrender development “potential”; they’d long gone beyond it.

Question: Why then would the Obama Administration masquerade the claim of the need to eliminate the “Iranian Nuclear Threat?”

Answer: He’d miserably failed in every other foreign policy platform and he’s running out of time and yet remains in desperate need of a legacy-success however, he has no, absolutely NONE, credibility on the International Stage yet requires the U.S. Political Class to appear credible; he needs the Russians, the Chinese and the E.U.

Question: How does the Administration pull this off?

Answer: For the E.U. the Administration promises that the U.S. will stand-off claims (against the E.U.) and that their post-Nuke Deal financial transaction (with Iran) are violating sanctions.

Russia and China easily fall into line simply because they view the Administrations ambitions as a supreme testament of U.S. weakness and having knowledge that the “deal” is a sham could serve a future use. The “Deal” was already doomed to be exposed for what it is for one very simple reason: the Iranians refused to suspend Ballistic Missile Development and the ever-present risk that the Iranians would inevitably leak that John Kerry, on behalf of President Obama, settled for an accommodation which urged the Iranians to conceal their Ballistic Missile Testing (this would ultimately occur May 16th of 2016).

To further demonstrate the treacherous nature and consequence of the Administrations adolescent incompetence one has only to observe the manner in which the Iranians treated the U.S. Sailors that, in January of this year, managed to find themselves stranded. Without companion vessels, without either fixed wing or rotary air cover and for a sufficient period of time drifted into Iranian territorial waters. Clearly the Iranians are not intimidated by what would visually appear to be a formidable U.S. Military presence. What is far more troubling is that the Obama Administrations graphically inept form of leadership has apparently penetrated, most effectively, the U.S. Navy’s chain of command rendering the U.S. Military’s area presence completely useless. It’s a national embarrassment and should be re-called and dry-docked stateside before something far more devastating occurs.

In classic Obama-esque bureaucratic fashion, the investigative report was labeled classified and the person least responsible for the exposition, one Cmdr. Eric Rasch, was relieved of his command duties and re-assigned. Might the President’s signature foreign policy achievement be unraveling? Frankly, it may be far more appropriate to wonder whether the breadth of its affect can be contained.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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