Opposing Compliance

A growing discontent stirs within the mind of many and more likely, the mind of most. I find that more often than expected are the inquiries of those with whom I have contact asking: “What is there to do?” or “Where do are we to turn?”  Yet I must confess that nearer to the surface of the mind and method of the wounded lies quite a different referendum, a more salient query: “Who is there for us to blame?” 

It would be a supreme error in judgment on my part to suppress the obvious answer to these queries and I further confess that this topic requires the expanse of a bound manuscript to faithfully cover the terrain. None-the-less, I will do my best to condense a response with the hope of retaining a fair degree of acuity as to the message I intend.  Which leads me to: 


To be faithful to the truth of the causal relationship between action and outcome, particularly as it relates to the ever degrading state of the Nation, the American public is ultimately to blame for the mess. We are after all, by default of inaction, reaping the outcome by repelling one of our own doctrines: 

“We, I hope, shall adhere to our republican government and keep it to its original principles by narrowly watching it.” -Thomas Jefferson 

To have faith in the inanimate form that is government is to ignore that this mechanisms greatest fault is its vulnerability to the bias of the few who interpret license only as a means to universally offend the public. 

We, as a people, have far too long believed that the appropriate method of correcting unjust laws is to pray for an outcome by way of the ballot box or to extend patience in the belief that a righteous epiphany will suddenly strike the conscience of the rogue. Yet the expanse of history teaches us that tyranny-at-rule never suffers for want of a penitent outcome, it only seeks further rule over what constitutes and objection to its practices. 

We do, to be sure, by inaction license our own enslavement to an ever expanding condition of what at any moment can be interpreted as the role of government.  We seem to have willing acquiesced to abuse of both power and influence and by doing so on an individual level, we have sentenced one another to the same outcome. In fact, we have become Conspirators in the process by Facilitating Injustice. 

The Imposter: 

Before progressing further, do consider these few quotes: 

“It is a misnomer to call a government republican in which a branch of the supreme power is independent of the nation.” – Thomas Jefferson 

“It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion.” – Dr. Paul J. Goebbels 

“When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.” – Alexis de Tocqueville 

“The absence of vision is not blindness; it is the individuals complete detachment from conscious and consequential thought.” –C. Greco 

Government that retaliates against the will of just cause is not a government devoted to the fulfillment of natural laws universal and equitable justice. And to believe that government can stand absent the construct of a moral and just cause, the very foundation which regulates its functions and prohibitions, is to surrender ones sovereign standing as being superior to that which your accommodation by consent allows. If we continue down this path of treachery, then we must fully expect that government will license itself to void your ability to prevent it from doing so. 

It is one thing to pay for a government that is providing a service for the benefit to the people as a whole, it is quite another form of imprisonment to be forced to pay in support of government in service to itself or the narrowly defined bias of the few. These injustices appear at so many levels of government that to consider the People of this Nation to be Free and in possession of the facility of Liberty is utterly absurd

How has… 

  • The post WWII perpetual state of war benefited the American Public?
  • The expansion of perpetual whole-life entitlement emancipated the once sovereign American?
  • The use of Global Central Bank Policy facilitated the American household’s economic security?
  • The fabricated notion of the global economy and economic interdependence fashioned a refinement of a self-sustaining American economy?  
  • The bias of Tax Code funded government proven to be a mechanism for expanding just cause and universal benefit?
  • The Patriot Act and its enabling regime expanded the freedoms and liberties of the American Public?
  • The polarity by design of partisan political abstracts further perfected Constitutional principles and our defining script of those Things We Hold To Be True?
  • The legal system, most specifically the Supreme Court, met its duty to faithfully execute judicial deference to our founding documents? 

I most certainly am able to expand this list however I trust by now you sense a common and shared disturbance. Still the greater upset of our people should not be that these errors in judgment and action actually occur, which is the risk equal to all attempts at self-government, but that none who express that they serve for the good of the people observe the greater injustice that these transgressions represent and move, resolutely and with common resolve, toward their nullification. 

Opposing Compliance: 

Ultimately, whatever the outcome of our collective choice, it must and can only find its’ first breath of life from and within the mind of the Individual. It is, as it has always been, a choice which you and you alone possess.  Consider the following observation as integral to your own inquiry: 

If your sovereign rights are not the supreme article which ultimately defines what becomes deemed lawful and by extension, the privilege of government, then ask yourself who and what becomes the mechanism for countering what government determines for itself as its unlimited domain? 

It should be remembered that the sole repository for (all) human advancement lies within the soul of the human being who, by the singularity of their own volition, expresses through the action of mind what defines their unique design of outcome. Severable and unsustainable, from all logic, reason as well as the principals implicit about the domain of cause and effect, is any assertion that would suggest that Government seeds this sacred fire of process. 

It is time we make a decision. It is time we begin to once again rally around a common ideal. It is time that in lieu of turning toward the expectation that government will suddenly discover conscience and reconstitute itself from within, we turn to our faith in the sovereignty of uniform opposition.  

Yes, it is time to begin Opposing Compliance by not asking for justices but by refusing to be complicit in the processes that enable injustice.  There are near infinite ways in which your power of choice, whether by action or inaction, can dramatically affect an outcome. 

Government that has moved beyond the cause of extending the sovereign rights of the Consenting Governed is an extraordinarily unstable enterprise. It survives only on the willing compliance of the consenting governed. But it is also true that this unstable enterprise can also become quite dangerous and thus being the case, NEVER confront the beast and in so doing, provide it a target. 

In many ways, the process has already started through the degradation of our economic system. As revenues continue to plummet, entire regimes of government are having to reorientation themselves however it is in this area that unstable governments become incubators of unintended consequence as it desperately attempts to preserve their license to abuse the process. One must always be mindful of a bureaucratic vendetta; it is, by evidence of fact, the current Administrations actionable policy. 

In the third volume of the Blind Vision Series – Valor in Prosperity, we offer several uniquely creative concepts for reconstituting our National structure and as you might expect, I suggest that you take advantage of this resource by obtaining your own copies however, in the meantime, let me offer you a few high-lights of significant value that might aid in accelerating the process: 

  • Where and whenever possible support local enterprises and resources – even if it means paying more. The value of restoring economic independence at the State and Local level cannot be overstated.
  • Where and whenever possible avoid drawing on support or use of Government programs. Support local facilities such as your local churches, community groups, Salvation Army etc.
  • Where and whenever possible develop and promote alternative economic enterprise and promote the use of self-directed employment mechanisms.
  • Where and whenever possible engage in political process at the local level promoting the suspension of excessive and abusive government through the “nullification” process.
  • Where and whenever possible engage in restoring functional education systems which promote restorative principals and insist on intellectual prowess and not social-engineering.
  • Where and whenever possible support only political campaigns that promote Constitutional deference and the restoration of 10th Amendment (States Rights) authority. The immediate resource (by design) for opposing Federal abuse of power resides solely with the States.  Please do study the concept of “nullification.”
  • Where and whenever possible support suspending the dominant role of the two-party system.
  • Where and whenever possible support the repeal of the 17th Amendment. The existence of this Amendment has defeated the fundamental rights implicit in the 10th Amendment by nationalizing the process of electing Senators (Federal).  

LET ME BE CLEAR, I do not support or promote unlawful activity, the abuse and or destruction of property although I do readily acknowledge that many of the mechanisms used to enforce the will of the minority upon a weary and disoriented public are, indeed, unlawful. I am, however, suggesting that those who are willing to engage in the process of Opposing Compliance equip themselves with the very same articles used by those who would vacate your sovereign right of self-determination and it implicit supremacy. 

Yes, the price will be high but the cost of silence and desperation are far greater.  The true enemy we must fight is tolerance for indiscretion and silence.  

Begin by Opposing Compliance! 

“Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be Expressed!” 


Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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