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Congress Fails Again! TIME FOR TERM LIMITS!

Without question, Trump has been setup for failure. Before it gets worse, speaking of Repeal and Replace, even if a “Bill” were to reach his desk he should immediately retract his support of their efforts and go to the American Public with a prime-time address explaining the truth behind what Congress has done.

I’ve had the great privilege of participating in efforts to formulate a functional restructuring of the U.S. Healthcare System and the many of you who’ve read any of my books or essays on the subject know the expanse of the efforts. The fact is there was never a concerted effort (by Congress) to Repeal & Replace Obamacare, the single greatest and catastrophic blow to the U.S. Healthcare System bar none (with Medicaid/Medicare a close second).

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Obama-Podesta Russian Scam

The Trump-Bashing Fiesta takes a new turn with Donald Jr.’s release of emails chronicling a mismanaged meeting with a Russian Attorney. Under the pretext of offering pre-election background dirt on Clinton he, along with Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, participated in a sit-down only to quickly discover the bait was not only baseless, but related to alleged Russian abuses and U.S. Policy on Russian adoptions.

Of course, the Anti-Trump crowd will no doubt run with this to the point of exhaustion and further prove the hopelessness of the political alternative leaving the facts by the wayside.

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Trump Meeting with Putin: A strategy!

Putin will meet Trump, but not before having spent hours reading thru various briefs, psychological profiles. He will enter the meeting believing he has Trumps number and the key to molding Trump is to feed off of their perceptions that Trumps greatest weakness is his insatiable need to feed his ego; a great mistake. This type of “carrot” doesn’t work with Donald Trump and for one simple reason; despite what you may think he doesn’t think of himself as an Alpha Male.

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The President’s Speech to the People of Poland

If you’ve not had the chance to listen to President Trump’s speech I’ve attached a link to the full text of the same. I heartily recommend you take a few moments a read, and then read again, his words. We’d welcome your thoughts!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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China’s Exposure & Russian Accommodations!

Given N. Korea’s recent launch of an ICBM, we’ve yet another example of how China has demonstrated the slight-of-hand arts using the cover of Russia to supply N. Korea with nuclear infrastructure. China’s ability to pirate and transfer advanced Pakistani “device” technology, facilitating Iran/N. Korea cooperative development of both weaponizing nuclear-tech as well as Ballistic sciences all accommodated by the West that set aside the dangers favoring Corporate-Political Economic interests instead and the synthetic hyperbole that followed. The proof is in the outcome the world now faces.

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