Putin; an Ascending Nazi?

Comparing Putin’s Ukrainian/Crimea policy to something on the order of a state sponsored ethnic-eugenics program, Hillary Clinton again proves how completely irrelevant (and perhaps even dangerously incompetent) she really is.

Let us never forget that Hitler’s rise to power was sanctioned by a massive western funding apparatus whose goal, like that for Ukraine, was to conscript the resources of Germany. As we now see, ignoring the massive cost in human life and resources is ultimately what happened to nearly all of Europe. Russia has no such ambition, however Putin is desperately trying to fend off the very same “western funding apparatus” that has laid waste to the Americas, most of Europe, Continental Africa/Middle East as well as Asia.

With or without his efforts to preserve Russia’s only warm-water port (Sevastopol, Crimea) it still remains highly questionable as to whether Putin will succeed in his efforts to salvage in-to-reform the deplorable economic, social and environmental wasteland of Mother Russia. However and regardless of what ones opinion of Putin may be, two things are absolutely certain:

  1. He’s no Nazi.
  2. For Americans interested in an America that is free to pursue the promises of a representative democracy driven by the free-market of a sovereign people free and at liberty to express their unalienable rights, Putin’s Russia may very well prove to be the very best enemy of a sovereign people’s greatest foe; the globalist!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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