Rubio: Poll Tested Ambiguity!

If you don’t like what you’ve got then you best do something more likely to get you closer to what you need!

The problem with Rubio is that his poll-tested script, like the other mainstream Republicans, is tied to an umbilical cord so short, and deliberately so, they never stray far from a regime of incoherent thought. They’re forced to spend most of their time attempting to be discretely ambiguous and yet remain provocatively benign.

Take, for example, Rubio’s position on amnesty. Never before have I seen a candidate work so hard at covering his own tracks on the issue which has matured to the point where his scripted line is simply to repeat, again and again, the same old line in his classic Ro-Marco-Bot fashion; “It depends on what the American People will support,…if we can prove Illegal Immigration is Finally Under Control,…Americans will respond in a responsible way”. As you can see, it doesn’t answer the questions regarding what his plans are for dealing with the 13 million (more likely to 18 million) here, in this country, illegally.

I’ll tell you what his plans are in one word: Amnesty, which is the case with Cruz, Kasich as well as those now out of the race. To answer the question as to why mainline GOP will not answer the question you must first understand what constitutes the so called “conservative”/”mainline” branch of the GOP. If you understand that distinction then you will know why, nationally, Trump is now polling up into the 60 percentile range and will pull more Democratic Voters than Reagan ever did.

Mainline/Conservative GOP Candidates are for the following: Expressing the will of the Global Industries that punch their ticket and that all there is to it. That means death to the once sovereign Nation-State, no boarders, free-cross-border-flow of resources in a pattern favorable to monetary-based interests, global monetary policy/banking, global military force and a global citizenry subjugated to an international government.

The reason why Trump is in the position he’s in is actually not of his doing but of an unrelenting political system that’s had decades to perfect a mechanism for successfully shoving folks down the same hole of a single funnel. All you have to do is observe the absurdity of a Bernie Sander’s candidacy and the fact that Hillary Clinton is actually in a position to be nominated rather than serving time in jail. Marco Rubio can be seen as a viable Candidate all the while being remarkably successful at being utterly unconscious and the same, in many ways, goes for Cruz and Kasich.

Is it only a scant few that observe the similarities between Rubio and a certain short-term Senator from Illinois who’s now nearing the end of his second term? Somewhere in the vicinity of 70 percent of the American public is adamant about not wanting to go down the path the government seems bent on following despite what the public says and there’s only two explanations for it; either they are dumber than a tube of Pringles and they just don’t Get-It or they simply don’t care because they’re more confident in your ignorance than they are in your objection. Wow, the marvel of ambiguity!

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.

#1: MP: The country, any country, get the very type of government they allow. Look at the general attitude of the American people, excluding Trump for the moment. Look at the options made available and then ask yourself the following question: Knowing their track records, knowing their allegiances and the patterns they’ve proven to have established why would you vote for them? Why would a voter on one hand profess their anger and summarily vote for a continuation of the same pattern that has provoked their ire?

Absolutely there is a component of Trump that is very dangerous, but then no worse than an LBJ, Bush, Clinton or Obama. Let’s face it, it’s not so much that Presidents are getting worse or the political system is decaying, no Sir! The problem is that technology/social media is making it far more difficult to conceal and now a near century into the pattern of abuse the accumulated affects are making it near irreversible and impossible to hide.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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