Stock Market Plundering Proves Serious Defect in Globalized Market

Consolidating Monetary Policy into a Globalized Cabal has been the long-planned goal of the Fractional Banking System; this is a fact and the greatest defect in fiat monetary policy. Other than the fact that it is impossible for this system to allow wages to keep pace with its own mandatory levels of inflation, is that it functions only so long as inflation persists and ever expanding fields of plunder are made available.

Russia is the lone hold-out and while China’s Communist Party pretends to be the sovereign companion to Russia, it too has been bought and sold by the international financiers who are as apoplectic with delight as the oft-claimed Chinese economic juggernaut submit to its inherent and structural weakness. Free-markets do not exist in a contrived economy, ever.

China’s economy, it is important to remember, is not of an organic evolution but one completely contrived by western influences who conspicuously disassembled and transplanted entire industries. The labor argument was the most common defense (for the movement) however, it wasn’t long before it became clear that this premise was and remains a total fraud.

Ask yourself a very simple question: looking over the economic horizon (specifically here in the U.S. although there is little difference in the effect in most other countries) and see if you can honestly say the social, economic, financial and governance plan has improved? Frequently the claim is that we are “…now in a global economy” as if this was a function or outcome of either a perfecting or a maturing function and nothing could be further from the truth. This claim must be seen for what it is and what IT is IS a blanket form of forced submission using economic manipulation as a tool inducing the public into a belief system that forces accepting (by claim of inevitability) of ever-expanding control by a defiantly destructive form of predatory economic bile.

The U.S. Stock market has not, and for a very long time, been a source of economic expansion and we know this given that investment into domestic productive capacity, from new stock issuance occurring thru the “markets”, is virtually non-existent. Generally, domestic investment in new or existing capacity has been so low that it is nearly impossible to track. Further, given the deeply divisive political and monetary policy of this Country it’s quite reasonable to accept that economic opportunity has been excised out of the domestic economic environment. It has been regulated out of the public’s normal appetite for improving their economic future.

The fact is that the U.S. Markets are nothing more than conduits thru which predatory-trading between and among the various global trading hubs each of which are leveraging positions with the complete understanding that the Banking System (global monetary policy) can only survive where a perpetual inflationary cycle persists. In short, it is now (only) an enterprise seeking to full-fill its own self-fulfilling form of piracy.

The market-makers & media hacks will tell you of the devastating effect low oil prices are having on the global economy and this too is a complete canard; oil prices are where they are because the markets can no longer conceal the abundant supply of the stuff and so the trading cabals who normally manipulate positions for the express purpose of driving oil prices higher are now left holding worthless futures they can’t liquidate or they simply stay out of the future markets because there is no one willing to buy the scheme their selling.

Also, the over reliance on the actions/activities taking place in China’s Banking System and Markets is also quite a ruse as well. Think of the point I intend by recalling the housing collapse post 2007 and the millions of homes that returned to the control of the Banks; the debt was wiped out although the homes still remained and yet those very same dwellings were resold (most of them). Now then, what happened to the funds the Banks received from the reselling of those homes? Did the funds go to retire the now vaporized debt? Did it go back to the U.S. Treasury to offset the losses sustained by the U.S. Taxpayer or to the Homeowners at the very least reimbursing them for their wasted principal and interest payments?

You see, this is what happens with “funny money”; it does wildly selfish things when left to its own devices. Yes, by globally dispersing the economic and financial system it does, in a strange way, allow it to conceal its defects so as to maintain the illusion of normalcy or even survivability. The problem is that you (a Nation) surrender economic sovereignty to an ism that has no accountability to those who are ravaged by it.

As my writings and advisory papers frequently remind; economies are always local and never global; the further away the process moves from its origins it gains an exponentially greater level of inefficiency and ease of disfigurement while the effect of its failures remain immediate and specific to those who have no such global interests. The next President of this country must have a complete grasp of these truths and have a willingness to confront the malignancy and you should insist on it!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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