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Did ISIS Assume Paddock I.D.?

Even with all of the media coverage there is still very little intimate knowledge of Paddock. Psychopathic behavior is rarely, if ever so risk-adverse, as to not leave trace elements in one form or another. Something is awry in the current portfolio of thought as integral to this type of Individuals structural imbalance that is a virtual assurance they possess a deep-seated desire for recognition and yet, allegedly, even those closest to him never suspected or were alerted to the occurrence of suspicious activities. Further, given the indomitable capabilities of the FBI, particularly in profiling, it should call one to conclude that perhaps all is not what it seems.

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U.S. Appeals Court Reverses Its Own Ruling on Concealed-Carry

One might be repelled by the thought of a person carrying a gun or see it as inviting or expressing an unnecessary provocation, but the fact remains that the 2nd Amendment, once again affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court as recently as 2008, categorically affirms the “…right to keep and bear arms” as being absolute. More importantly, this action by the Court, is yet another example of Political Bias being imposed on the Public through the Court System and yet another grotesque distortion of the U.S. Constitution.

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