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Russia: A Frigid Thaw

The mantle of human frailty is rich with scores of pitiful exhibitions of conquests in search of dominance; the price is always measured in lives lost and abject poverty of conscience. The seemingly unending contest between the weak of mind and spirit, versus the unsuspecting of mind and conscious opposition; when will it ever end?  

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September 11th – A Canvas

I remember that morning, a canvas in red…

Translucent the shadow, no piercing light upon its veil…

Man, as do his structures, fail withering with age…

Wounds, not always, heal with time…

Tragic is in absence and of unknown loss…

Hope lies in present amidst the fog.

Before the final breath, should but one remain…

Remove the veil, it will be known…

The cost of sacrifice is but a price…

For absolutely,

No thing at all.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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The Light Exposes the Dimly Lit!

The Body Politic is only just beginning to stir.  Quite easy to observe the stated political machinery in action, finger pointing, name calling and sorted details of miss-deeds and personal failures. The incumbent assails the opposition for their lack of experience whilst extolling their own personal virtues using silence to distance themselves from culpability.

In California, the poster child for all things politically extreme, we see the pathologically miss-informed challenged by the hopelessly ill-informed both attempting to seduce the un-informed.  But let’s not forget the Great State of Colorado presently engaged in the same charade of seduction along with Arizona, Pennsylvania and so on and so forth.

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The Policy of License


The “mark” one makes of their life effervesces with and becomes emblematic of the dialogue of ones individual thinking, we might even say, one personal philosophy. It is in the way one greats the day, the tone of ones outlook, sense of duty, honor, industry and faith. Merged with a sufficient number of others who express similar perspectives and you have what we think of as a culture. Or,  as I might express it; “…a convergence of the many about a common ideal.”


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A Farewell to Remember!

I’ve occasion to enjoy the study of history.  The intrigue of amassing and tracing past experiences developed from, largely, personal trials forcing me to look for understanding, for direction, for resolution.


I found, quite interestingly enough, that ones present circumstances have company in the archives of those lives who have gone before and I found little difference in “then” versus “now” travails. In short, time passes by, faces may change yet – the ruse of life’s routines remain, remarkably static.


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