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The Collective’s & Re-Engineering of Chaos

“From the volumes of history we witness repetitions; lessons the student seems most unwilling to learn.” 

This opening quote is from the book Valor in Prosperity and is one of many anecdotal references designed to crystalize a series of observations into a single phrase; likewise the case with the title of this offering, The Collective’s Re-Engineering of Chaos. In as much as I suspect that there are few who argue the facts affirming government failure I acknowledge in advance there will be far less who will agree as to the cause.  

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Budget: Question with a Why

Tolerance is one of those words that has become so embossed with all sorts of tentative notions. Tolerance for errors in judgment, tolerance for errors of omission, tolerance for acts of commission and tolerance, well, for being tolerant.  What a supremely debilitating notion this word has become. Are you growing weary and intolerant of tolerance?  Frankly, I’m well past the query stage. 

In a recent article on the subject of the Middle-East I composed a phrase to convey a sentiment; in fact, I composed two specific phrases to convey the very same sentiment approaching the ambition from two distinctly different philosophical perspectives. I think it appropriate that I should reintroduce the first of the two here, the other in short order:

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Missiles of Miss-Direction

I’m not prone to comment on these types of day-to-day events, they come at a seemingly increasing rate that in the processes attributed to overwhelming the senses of reason, these types of news stories have become a pandemic threat. Still, I just couldn’t pass this one up, I had to express my frustration with what has become the government-approved explanation, primarily for its absurdity:  “It was from the contrails of a commercial aircraft.”  Oh dear god! A statement this benign can only be intentional! 

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The Defiance of Ignorance, Again!


The Golden State is once again demonstrating the pervasiveness of a terminal disease and the unwillingness to accept a fundamental truth: There is always an “end”!  Ignorance in governance is dangerous largely due to yet another simple truth: Ignorance is always ignorant of its ignorance!

The current case in point relates to the resurgence of the Nexus Internet Commerce Tax upon which the State of California is pressing forward.  It is the State Legislature’s plan to force web-based enterprises to remunerate, regardless of their domicile (State), sales tax revenues assessed on transaction originating from “sites” based in California. For a more details review of this particular subject take a look at Andrew Breitbarts  article on the matter.

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