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The Drama that is DACA

The Drama that is DACA and the Dishonest-Truths of those who sell it! A few thoughts to consider:

1. The “We are a nation of immigrants” is one of those statements that at first blush sounds so poignant and relevant, a complimentary monument to the Nation’s structure and its people who left everything with the hope of becoming a part of a most powerful promise occurring never intending or hoping to become separate and apart from it. There was a time when the richness of the bond caused it to be integral to the promise, wrapped in and indistinguishable from the body of absolute truths so much so that you intuitively understood that objection to its richness was unthinkable; not anymore.

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A Need for a Single-Mindedness in Purpose

“The Human Experience is only and ever advanced thru bold, deliberate and purposeful vision aligned with a common ideal; no worthwhile endeavor succeeds where divergent paths exist.”

Recently it has come to light – though always understood – that massive amounts of wealth is secreted away for various and always duplicitous reasons. It is, nonetheless, a perfect example of how and the manner in which single-mindedness with purpose works to counter the worthwhile endeavors of a common ideal; you must be willing to stop it! 


Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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