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Monuments & Neo-Fascism

This Nation is once again enduring another phase of self-flagellation. A type driven by a wretched insurgence intoxicated by an overwhelming waive of self-loathing fueled by truly warped perspectives. With this latest effort, the adolescent motives of those soaked with shameful rhetoric, full of circuitous and baseless arguments, have now moved on to an entirely new malignancy, a new reality by enforced cleansing.

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Inauguration Day 2013: The Principle of Absolutism

Yes indeed the President arrived armed with a remarkable missive and oratory skills to match. He had me, completely, at least up to the point where he contaminated the efffort with a somewhat temperamental understanding of this nation’s founding principles.                      

The cornerstone of my observation relies upon a proven understanding; that Principles are not transient and ever-changing. Now then, Mr. President, is it not the case that what defines a “Principle”, the essence of its nature, is that it must also be Absolute? True, given the partisan rhetoric of “our time”, I suppose it a form of poetic convenience or functionally rebellious for one (or all) to collapse upon the collective and malleable perspective that would suggest otherwise; a distortion one can clearly observe, in particular, through the Presidents use of the work “Absolutism.” For me, and perhaps you the reader, his misunderstanding reveals his ambitions by way of two key phrases both appearing in his Inauguration Address. 

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A Revolution in Evolving

Recent comments by President Obama regarding his evolving position on the subject of same-sex relationships may at first appear as purely political (and it is) however it also exposes a revolving pathos which far too often becomes a substitute for sound governance.  In his own words, 

“…my feelings about this are constantly evolving….” 

A fluid pathos is not the same or should it ever be a substitute for a durable personal compass whose deferential reference must always be based on an equally durable law; which of course is not at all fluid. What we have been witnessing is A Revolution in Evolving; the near perpetual cycle of reengineering and redefining all things absolute. The most recent definition of Evolving is: to alter, shape and/or conform meaning, form and circumstance to suite an ambition which by its nature is not provable, durable or reliable. 

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