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Congress on DHS – Where Parading Substitutes for Principal

Although Sen Harry Reid (D-NV), former Senate Majority Leader, holds the historical distinction of being on the nation’s Top Ten Most Divisive list, the current Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, appears destined to the ranks of the tactically challenged. In an era where a developing security threat is a mere ten second sound-bite away why would you ever consider using DHS Funding as a tool for political hostage taking?

In a Representative Constitutional Republic (such as the U.S. design intended), abuse of power is the single greatest and most corruptible risk for which there is no defense. The President’s use of Executive Authority as a mechanism for altering Federal Immigration Law is a most corruptible abuse of power.

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Creating New Enemies & The Wealth of Conflict

The tell-tail chimes of history repeating itself, for those who chose to listen, are a-ringing; the similarities to the build-up (domestic/geopolitical and economic) to both WW1 & II are striking.

One would think that the tech-savvy means of the day would be an efficient mechanism for alerting the civilian population however Ed Snowden has proven just how dangerous information can be and the thuggery expressed by those who’d rather it be controlled; so much for concepts of Freedom and Constitutional Mandates where the current filter of just how far freedom and liberty can be tolerated is filtered by your “need to know” so long as it’s a lie! In the world of the tyrannical oligarch the options are simple:

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