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Scott Brown – Nosing the Obama Base

The events of the day (1/21/10) illustrate a systemic failure and a mistrust of our entire financial system.  It also indicates the extent to which the Obama Administration will go in their attempt at regaining the momentum lost by the success of Massachusetts election of Scott Brown. Obama is simply “Scott Brown Nosing his Base.” Politics,  pure and simple.  Still,… 

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The March to Economic Oblivion

“Timeliness is a revelation inspired by Grace; providing the suspended mind with both a compass and a lamp….Untimely is consequence occurring from having ignored the presence of light!”

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The Real in Real Estate

October 18, 2009 

In my upcoming Book, “Blind Vision”, I discuss the root cause of the financial chaos that is taking place in this Country. The topic, unfortunately, though rich in the systemic realities, time and space (and a reader’s attention span) simply do not allow for a detailed scope as to the extent of the problem and why, at this point, we are only seeing a glimmer of what is yet to come.  Still,  when taken as a body of work, I truly do believe you will be the richer for it and so will our Country. 

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Markets of Imagination Part 2

September 15, 2009

Supremely simply solutions often thin the hubris of complexity!

In the previous post we left the discussion at the conclusion of my describing two fundamental types of “Financial Markets”, I summarily identified them as “FM1”, describing the current machinations of the Markets and “FM2”, the more appropriate or as I said, the “peak” historical version.

Picking up from there, let us continue on with the subject!

When reference “FM1” and “FM2”, I am referring to the above, two, enumerations (One might consider referring back to the complete “FM1”/FM2” discussion.)

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August 19, 2009

What a great word, “EconoFaux”!  I decided to create a word that described “ a bold and blatant falsehood on matters of or relating to functional and practical economic engagements or actions which accurately describe and/or otherwise conform in such a manner as to support or authenticate the idea express by an FEI (Flat Earth Idolatry).”

EconoFaux culprits tend to be: 

  • Government Agent or Agencies
  • Politicians
  • Recipients of Government Entitlements/Benefits
  • Union Operatives
  • Anyone who has never been solely responsible for the fuel source of a checkbook
  • Activists or Activist related Organizers
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