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End-Run Again – Climate Change

Using an existing 1992 UN Climate Change Treaty, in effect, to bind the U.S. to an emissions regiment, President Obama will be able to bypass Congressional ratification. Absolutely bent on dragging the U.S. into global submission, by any means possible, Mr. Obama’s actions further illustrate a most imbalanced approach however succeeding at creating dysfunction has become the most conspicuous component of his agenda.

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Geithner, EU and Greece

I selected these three iconic references as symptomatic of what goes round-the-globe in the image of a dog chases an ever diminishing tail – asymmetrical response.


The unpolished truth of the global financial playground is akin to ones alarm should your child find themselves in a sand-box having been mistaken, by a cat, for a litter-box.  The cat may not have known the difference but you most certainly do!


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Vacuum of Global Conscience

November 24, 2009

I’ve written before on my, as well as others, suspicious of the curious claims relating to man’s contribution to the conundrum identified as “Climate Change”.

The crisis is not so much as man’s contribution to Global Warming as it is to his contribution to Global Blundering! 

I refer to it as the Vacuum of Global Conscience primarily as it illustrates how the devise of Economic Need and Economic Pandering converge to become, in effect, one and the same: Divisive Greed!

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Markets of Imagination Part 2

September 15, 2009

Supremely simply solutions often thin the hubris of complexity!

In the previous post we left the discussion at the conclusion of my describing two fundamental types of “Financial Markets”, I summarily identified them as “FM1”, describing the current machinations of the Markets and “FM2”, the more appropriate or as I said, the “peak” historical version.

Picking up from there, let us continue on with the subject!

When reference “FM1” and “FM2”, I am referring to the above, two, enumerations (One might consider referring back to the complete “FM1”/FM2” discussion.)

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Pashtun Factor

March 3, 2009

Much is said but never understood!  Take for instance the claims asserted by Government minions regarding the Middle-East.  We hear the non-stop dialogue justifying U.S., NATO and the so-called coalition forces as being equal to a biblical-like cleansing of the region.  We’re America, that’s what we do!  

After all, we’re “…making the world safe for democracy!”

However, I’m prone to ask the question that many may have lingering just below the surface of their conscious thoughts:  What’s wrong with our form of democracy that we need to make the world “safe” for it?  Should it not be the other way around?  Would it not be more favorable were it the case that the world craved safety and as one of the choices made available, to perfect their ambition,  “democracy” was one of them?  

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