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The Altered States of Outcome

Everyone has hopes and wishes, some passing fancies, some rise to the sincere while others fade with time; the remains are those you work for and bring to life thru pure effort and force of will. Then, on the other hand, there are those which take on an entirely different caricature illustrated with and accompanied by the attributes of expectancy, the notion of inevitability, of certainty, of entitlement. An entirely different level of anointed outcome and one which, at this moment as we consider the various smearing-by-innuendo taking place in Washington, has no intention of giving way its privilege.

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Lame Ducks Danger

Regardless of tomorrows election outcome there will be little in the form of penitence for those who will be forced to surrender their positions and little relief for the voting public. If Hillary wins the reason and cause for the publics contempt for Government will continue and deepen.

If Donald wins rest assured, he will face a system that though it claims to be representative of the Peoples Will, still remains tethered to vested interests who prefer they keep their place.

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Nice; The Danger of Concealing Indecision

Why not tell the Public what you don’t want them to hear? Political-Ideologists are message- centered using the politicized bureaucracy (party hacks, media and social-economic discord) to manage and maintain their power. They are not strategic thinkers despite what you might think however, they are strategic opportunists.

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Clinton vs Trump; The Error in Context & Contrast

The Primary Season is effectively over and as far as Hillary is concerned few are surprised, save for the unlikely event of a blow-up at the DNC love-fest in Philly or her indictment and the subsequent substitution of Biden or Kerry, she is their Presumptive Nominee while Trump reigns as the GOP’s surviving choice.

Last evening (June 7th), as the last of the days results were reporting in, I spent a few hours robo-surfing the various news outlets including Megyn Kelly’s Inimical Hour of Parody which included a live audience venting, on cue, their personal political observations. Having watched, observed and annotated the primary process, far more than ever before, I’ve arrived at a conclusion that is laced with contradictions; the manner by which Candidates are judged/measured using, as a standard, the very political system an overwhelming number of Americans have soundly rebuked.

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Will the RNC Hand Hillary the Oval Office? They Just Might!

The GOP/RNC Elite are feverously working their own rule-book for a way to bury Trump and, quite possibly Cruz as well, with the public, unknowingly, playing right into their game-plan. “The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here,” so says Curly Haugland, RNC Rules Committee Chairman. He went on to say, “Political parties choose their nominee and not the general public.” When asked, “Then why bother holding the primaries?” He replied, “That’s a very good question.”

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