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Presidential Debate Pushes Indisputable Breach

I tuned in to see the Presidential Debate to witness Hillary and how she would fair and if Trump would behave and what I witnessed was Lester Holt running, unabashedly, cover for her. Did he question her on the security risk of her emails/server, the failure of her Middle-East Agenda, the Clinton Global Initiative or even the most basic pursuit of her policy missives? NO!

I expected Trump to stick to his now standard talking points, but what I didn’t expect to see was Trump on defense and forced to spar both with Clinton. Holt took it upon himself to be Judge, the Jury and Plaintiff Counsel while she side-stepped any relevant or even remotely cogent response with her prolonged, and no time-check by Holt, ramblings of pure nonsense.

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William Jefferson Clinton Painting with a Blow-Torch!

Few people can deliver a script better than Bill; complete with the ever sincere and deeply devout lower-lip overbite the man can charm the venom out of a Mojave Rattlesnake.

Hillary, on the other hand, while she clearly hasn’t nary a gnat’s hair follicle of oratory skill she can stare-down an elephant of its tusks leaving this pachyderm spellbound to a belief that its loss is a mere illusion set upon it by some overpowering fantasy-truth. 

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Billy Shrewd & A.G. Lynch Planning Meeting

As with everything the Clintons do they operate on a precisely calculated glide-slope proven over years of faithful and predictable affect.

(1) The rules don’t apply to us.

(2) When cornered deny and redirect. 

(3) Always use the weakest link as your messenger; they’re disposable.

This Billy & Loretta “Tarmac Tea” is right from the Clinton play-book; corrupt A.G. Lynch in a ploy to force a post-election delay of Hillary’s email-lynching.

Whether she recuses herself (A.G. Lynch) or a Special Prosecutor is appointed the Clinton’s will get the delay they want and you’ll never hear another word about it.

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Hillary’s Fair Share; Grasping at Flaws!

First things first; no social experiment survives without an economy capable of supporting its costs while mining revenues from a diminishing field of productivity only hastens the expanding shortfall. The result of syphoning off whatever seeding potential might exist and this is established fact, both on fiscal/economic and human terms. And so, with respect to proposed tax plans, much of what politicians tease is ruthlessly unsound while the truth is far more relevant.

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VP Biden’s Announces “Free-Skate” for Hillary

Where political skankery is concerned the transparent conclusion is that there is no such thing as transparency. Questions: Does VP Biden’s “out of time” announcement indicate that Hillary’s e-mail problems will go the way of Ambassador Stevens?  Or, has Obama & Biden masterminded the rouse to provide cover for a blast that will soon bury her? Deadlines are not as critical as one might believe; if Hillary goes down Biden could still step in as the DNC Nominee and due to the fact that the Political Operatives have so thoroughly twisted the Electoral College System with their “winner takes all” vendetta the ultimate EC Count could still make a Biden Presidency a possibility. It is important to remember that the System isn’t there to serve the People; it’s evolved to serve itself. CG

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