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Inauguration Day 2013: The Principle of Absolutism

Yes indeed the President arrived armed with a remarkable missive and oratory skills to match. He had me, completely, at least up to the point where he contaminated the efffort with a somewhat temperamental understanding of this nation’s founding principles.                      

The cornerstone of my observation relies upon a proven understanding; that Principles are not transient and ever-changing. Now then, Mr. President, is it not the case that what defines a “Principle”, the essence of its nature, is that it must also be Absolute? True, given the partisan rhetoric of “our time”, I suppose it a form of poetic convenience or functionally rebellious for one (or all) to collapse upon the collective and malleable perspective that would suggest otherwise; a distortion one can clearly observe, in particular, through the Presidents use of the work “Absolutism.” For me, and perhaps you the reader, his misunderstanding reveals his ambitions by way of two key phrases both appearing in his Inauguration Address. 

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Inauguration Day Past

January 21, 2009

 Presidential Inaugurations!   Why don’t we simply call them “coronations”!   I really don’t have much to say on this subject so this posting will be very short!

Couple of points:

1. Why do I get the feeling that the nation has just been given a dose of hemlock?

2. Why is so much money spent?  Is the approach one that expresses the notion being thus: the louder the noise the greater the concealment of plunder?  Or,

 3. Is more to the truth of Marie Antoinette’s famous reply, when all around her were the signs of a collapsing France, “Well, then, let them eat cake.”

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