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Hidden Truths – Vanishing Freedoms

Having written and spoken on economic and various policy issue for nearly twenty-five years it wasn’t long into the process that I discovered, more frequently than I’d previously thought possible, that government policy was increasingly becoming a direct extension of private economic interests each masquerading under some form of social justice or progressive mantra.

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TIMF E-Op No: 4 – Trade & Comparative Advantage

To look at the current state of the U.S. Economic Infrastructure is to witness the consequential effect of a theoretical flaw in action; whether it be a convenient cover for various other abuses or simply ignorance-on- command the march to the unachievable is now moving in to its 30th year; the homogenous global economy. The theoretical nuance upon which the global mantra predominantly relies is a conceptual paradigm proffered by David Ricardo, a British Economist, and more formally known as the theory of Comparative Advantage 

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