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WiNiP – Mirror & Moments v4.10b

What I Noticed in Passing…. 

“Take care one must consider, each step becomes a pattern engaging some to follow. Inviting is the outstretch hand that reaches to aid another; our actions blaze a pattern giving life to all that follows. To mirror me or I to you, then and if you will, imagine for yourself what at once becomes of we. Pause and take not lightly what duty yet becomes and though distant may be the moment ones imprints purpose may reveal, all become the seed of that which shapes the footprint and the hand a moments shyness may conceal.”   

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I Did, I Sent You!

I, like many, find myself more and more disenfranchised from a political system that bears no resemblance to the promise of our national heritage.

Our national sovereignty and economic future has been repackaged and outsourced with the speed and efficiency of an IRS tax lien; entire industries have been relocated, leaving behind vacant warehouse, silent factories, idle resources of all types and worst of all, broken dreams. 

In a country whose very identity rests upon the genius of an ideal that prior to its formation had never seen the light of day, seeing the promise of this land and the industry of so vibrant and genuine a people summarily laid to waste is, as it is for most, simply heart breaking!

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